Willem Wolf Broad: Everything about Billy Idol’s son


Willem Wolf Broad is the son of Billy Idol. Willem Wolf Broad’s father, Idol is a singer and songwriter from England. He rose to prominence in the 1970s as the lead singer of Generation X, emerging from the London punk rock scene.

Willem Wolf Broad is the son of the famous British musician Billy Idol. While there isn’t a great deal of publicly available information about Willem Wolf Broad, here are a few details about him:

  1. Parentage: Willem Wolf Broad was born to Billy Idol and his longtime partner, Perri Lister. Billy Idol, whose real name is William Michael Albert Broad, is a renowned rock musician, singer, and songwriter known for his hits such as “White Wedding” and “Rebel Yell.”
  2. Birth: Willem Wolf Broad’s exact date of birth is not widely known, as Billy Idol tends to keep his personal life private. Therefore, it’s challenging to provide specific details about his age or birthplace.
  3. Privacy: Both Billy Idol and his son Willem Wolf Broad lead relatively private lives, and they are not frequently seen in the public eye. As a result, not much information is available about Willem’s upbringing or personal endeavors.
  4. Sibling: Willem Wolf Broad has a sister named Bonnie Blue Broad, who is the half-sister from Billy Idol’s previous relationship with actress Linda Mathis.
  5. Passion and Interests: Since there is limited information about Willem Wolf Broad’s personal life, it’s difficult to determine his specific interests or career aspirations. Given his family background, it’s possible that he might have an inclination towards music or the arts, but this is purely speculative.
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It’s important to respect the privacy of individuals who are not public figures themselves, as they may choose to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight. Consequently, details about Willem Wolf Broad’s life may be scarce due to the family’s preference for privacy.



Following that, he embarked on a solo career, which led to international recognition and elevated Idol to the forefront of the MTV-driven “Second British Invasion” in the United States. A schoolteacher’s description of him as “idle” inspired the name “Billy Idol.”

Willem Wolf Broad: Bio Summary

Full Name Willem Wolf Broad
famous as son of Billy Idol
Age 34 years old as of 2022
Date of Birth June 15, 1988
Place of Birth  Los Angeles, California, United States
Zodiac sign Gemini
Nationality British-American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Siblings  Bonnie Blue
Parents  Billy Idol, Perri Lister

Who is Willem Wolf Broad?

Willem Wolf Broad was born on 15 June 1988 in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America to her parents, Billy Idol and Perri Lister. As of 2022, he is 34 years old. He is not the only child of his parents, he has another step-sibling who goes by the name Bonnie Blue.

Willem Wolf Broad’s mother Lister is a former English dancer, singer, and actress. She was a member of the British dance troupe Hot Gossip, which appeared on The Kenny Everett Video Show in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Lister worked as a backup vocalist for a number of pop music acts in the 1980s, including Billy Idol, with whom she had a nine-year relationship.

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Willem Broad’s Career

What does Willem Wolf? Just like the father Willem also chose to be a musician. Willem has been a member of the rock band FIM. FIM is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles, California. The band was formed in 2009. It consists of Willem Broad as the lead vocals, Nick Biddle as the rhythm guitar, backing vocals, Brandon Rauch as the lead guitar, backing vocals, Trevor Roberts-Aaronson -as the bass, backing vocals, and Brian Terata as the drums, percussion.


Billy Idol’s son and his group do all sorts of music genres including Punk rock, hard rock, glam rock, dance-punk, dance-rock, new wave, and post-punk

Willem Broad’s Parents

Willem Broad’s father Idol has never married, but had a long-term relationship with English singer, dancer, and former Hot Gossip member Perri Lister. When an American model held a press conference claiming to be Idol’s girlfriend, Lister responded by holding one of her own, maintaining that she was “and always had been Idol’s girlfriend”. They had their son in 1988 and called their relationship a quit in 1989.

Willem Wolf Broad’s father, Idol was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in Hollywood on February 6, 1990, that nearly cost him his leg. He was hit by a car while riding home from the studio one night after running a stop sign, necessitating the insertion of a steel rod into his leg.

Shortly before this, film director Oliver Stone cast Idol as Jim Morrison’s drinking buddy Cat in his film The Doors, but the accident prevented him from playing a major role, and Idol’s role was reduced to a minor one. He was James Cameron’s first choice to play the villainous T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but the role was recast due to the accident.

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Willem Wolf Broad’s father has battled alcoholism and drug addiction. He has a history of using heroin and cocaine. In his 2014 memoir, he stated that he frequently passed out in nightclubs and awoke in hospitals. Idol died of an overdose of the drug GHB outside a Los Angeles nightclub in 1994.

After the incident, Idol decided that his children would never forgive him for dying of a drug overdose, and he ceased his drug use. Idol started in 2014 when he had not used hard drugs since 2003, but he smoked marijuana on a regular basis and was an occasional drinker. In 2018, Willem Wolf Broad’s father, Idol became a US citizen during a ceremony in Los Angeles, while retaining his British citizenship.

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