What Are the Top 8 Investments That Could Pay You $1000 Daily?

Turning your $100 into $1000 isn’t ever easy. But if you arm yourself with the right strategy and put in the right amount of time and effort, odds are that you’ll find it possible to earn $1000 or even more in a day. 

It’s noteworthy that our words; “invest $100 to make $1000 a day”; aren’t intended to trick you into thinking that this post will show you an investment platform that would transform your $100 into $1000 in just one day. We’re instead willing to walk you through the opportunities –such as activities, platforms, assets, etc. –that you can invest your $100 in with the hope that in the future, you’d have an income stream that could fetch you $1000 or more on a daily basis. 

As we’ve just hinted, there are assets, platforms or activities through which you can convert $100 into $1000 probably after having committed a lot of time, patience, effort or hard work. If you’re looking to read about some rather “sham” and risky schemes that promise to turn your $100 into $1000 in the twinkling of an eye, you might have to look elsewhere for information about such schemes. 

What Are the Top 8 Investments That Could Pay You $1000 Daily?

Opening a High-yield Savings Account 

Running a high-yield savings account is one of the proven ways to invest little now and hope to earn much in the future. If you’d watch your money grow gradually rather than seek a fast but risky way of multiplying the money, opening a high-yield savings account might be your best bet. 

Helpfully, there are online banks that let you open a high-yield savings account that attracts a reasonable interest rate. To make the most out of this investment, ensure you pick a bank that charges no ongoing fees but still offers high interest.

A high-yield savings account isn’t difficult to set up, but make sure you opt for a reputable bank that should guarantee investment safety. 


Investing in Shares

It’s hard to deny that investing in shares is one of the proven ways to translate a hundred dollar investment into an income stream that yields thousands of dollars. 

If you’re sort of interested in the stock market, investing in shares is a highly recommended way for you to make lots of profits. However, this seems easy to imagine but hard to achieve because, on the one hand, investing in shares does come with its own risks, and on the other hand, it is not all brokers or exchanges that charge affordable transaction fees. 

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To really eke out success from the stock market, you must be ready to first arm yourself with the ropes of the business. If you go ahead to invest your money without sufficient understanding of how the market works, it’s more than likely that you’re setting up yourself for failure. 

Leveraging Fractional Shares for Stock Investment

This investment route of turning your $100 into $1000 or more looks like an extension of what we just said about investing in shares.

Investing in fractional shares might even be your best bet if you’re looking to enter the stock market with a very small amount of money. Choosing to invest in fractional shares means you can purchase stocks with an amount as little as $100. 

The latter is absolutely possible because a fractional share is considered a portion of a whole individual stock. If you can’t afford shelling out money for the whole individual stock, you could just consider throwing your $100 or thereabout in the fractional share of that stock. 

Starting a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is one of the proven ways you can invest a few dollars in an exciting activity that could earn you as much as $1000 daily in the future. 

In this case, you’d invest your money in content promotion so that your YouTube videos can get popular. You need to drive a huge number of subscribers for the channel and its video content. It’s this way you can turn the channel into an income stream that yields dollars.

Also, you may have to invest in a sophisticated camera so that you can deliver high-quality videos. However, the camera of your high-end smartphone could be a great alternative to the regular camera. 

It’s definitely a gradual process and to really make it big with your YouTube channel, you must be ready to regularly post top-quality and engaging content (videos). 

Signing up with a Lending Club

Lending clubs make up a great marketplace where intending borrowers and potential lenders meet. To get started with a lending club, you can prepare at least $25 for your investment. This means that with $100 at your disposal, you’re good enough to invest with a lending club.

The investment account you create with a lending club works in a different way from the typical savings account. In fact, lending clubs often guarantee interest rates consider higher than those of regular savings accounts. 

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A lending club acts as an intermediary between you (the intending lender) and an intending borrower that could be an individual, company, real estate venture, start-up firm, etc. The key thing to note here is that the intending borrower has the potential of quickly multiplying your invested money. 

With a lending club, you can have a real shot at high ROIs because while repaying your loan, the lending club pays you both your principal amount and your investment yield. The amount of this yield is based on the fixed interest rate set by the lending club. 

Signing up for Worthy’s Bonds

It’s possible you don’t fall among the dozens of people who are conversant with Worthy –a bond-distributing company with a flat 5% interest rate. If you’re beginning to develop interest in Worthy, it should further interest you that with an amount as low as $10, you can start your investment journey with Worthy. 

While Worthy lets you buy its bond at a price of $10, the company puts your investment (money) to good use by lending it to a company that needs the money for developing the community. Knowing that the company’s bond carries a fixed 5% interest rate, you could be keen to sign up with Worthy by visiting its official website

Working as a Tourists’ Guide

As somebody with vast knowledge of their city, especially one that counts as a major tourist attraction, you could translate your knowledge into an amazing income stream. 

How you can do that is by offering to take tourists round your city. If you commit a lot of effort to this, you’ll likely make loads of dollars on peak days such as weekends. 

Offering to work as a tourists’ guide might not demand any significant monetary investment on your part. Provided you’ve got vast knowledge of your city’s history, exciting features, crannies and nooks, all you need is to commit a couple of hours to taking tourists around daily. 

This time investment can earn you a decent amount of dollars daily, though depending on how much money you charge tourists and the number of tourists you’re able to take around. 

Working as a tourists’ guide, you must be willing to tell tourists some amazing facts or stories about the places you’re taking them to while touring. 

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Creating an Online Course

Unlike the other investment options in this post, creating an online course is a considerably different form of investment. This is because you’ll, in fact, invest your knowledge of a particular field or in-demand subject. 

Interestingly, creating an online course is definitely an ideal way to invest even less than a hundred dollars in building an income stream that could yield you a thousand dollars daily in the future. 

To monetize whatever online course you’ve created (or would be creating), you can either establish a dedicated website for the course or sell the course to a reputable online learning management system. 

One of the tricks to create an online course with high selling potential is to develop the course around an in-demand subject where you command exceptional knowledge. That subject could be software development, UI/UX design, photography, blogging, etc. 


All of the investment options discussed in this post are considerably safe. They also guarantee high ROI and that is why we believe that with your $100 investment in any or some of those investments, you could establish for yourself, an income stream that should rake in a hundred dollars every day.

For some, if not all, of the investment options discussed, the journey to daily earnings of $1000 or more is considerably long. Rather than think you can cut corners, you should be ready to commit the amount of time, effort or expenditure that the investment option demands for it to begin yielding high returns. 

Before selecting the investment option to throw your money into with the hope of making a thousand dollars daily, endeavor to thoroughly research about that option especially with respect to its risk level and ROI. You should also try to figure out how long it would take before your investment can begin yielding reasonable profits. This might help suggest if that investment option is the right choice for you. 

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