What Are The Top 7 Study Planner Apps For Students?

More Often Than Not, Many Students Struggle To Appropriately Manage Their Time Probably Due To a Lot Of extracurricular activities Competing For The Students’ Attention.

Notwithstanding, Time Management Is a Crucial Part That, If Well Done, May Contribute To Students’ Achievement Of Excellent Academic Goals. While Social Gatherings And Other Fun Activities Within School Settings Are Nice To Engage In, Students Still Have To Be Pretty Sure That They Aren’t Doing That To The Detriment Of Academic Success.

To Schedule Reminders, Organize Class Schedules, And Stay Abreast Of Assignments And Their Due Dates, Students Need Digital Tools They Can Access Easily On phones and Anywhere. It Is For This Purpose That Study Planner Apps Come Handy As The Digital Companions That Can Help Students Keep Track Of Assignments, Class Schedules, And Other Academic Tasks/Events From The Comfort Of Their Mobile Phones.

This Post Introduces Some Of The Best Study Planner Apps That Students Can Bank On For Effective Time Management With Respect To Academic Engagement. The Post Therefore Discusses The Top 7 Study Planner Apps For Students.

What Are The Top 7 Study Planner Apps For Students?

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1.Student Calendar

This Is a Great Study Planner App That Enables Students To Make Success With The Organization Of Goals, Tasks, And Schedules. While The Planner App Is Free To Use, Students Who Desire a Premium Experience Can Switch To Its Paid-For Plan.

The Student Calendar App Can Be Used On Platforms Including Ios, Android, And The Web. Armed With a Student Calendar, You’ll Be Able To Keep Tabs On Both Personal And Academic Tasks. This Is Because The Planner App, Student Calendar, Is Designed To Help You Organize Goals, Schedules, Reminders, Tasks, Etc. In a Single Location.

Student Calendar Organizes Your Activities Under a Checklist Or To-Do List. This Way, You Can Easily Monitor Them And Keep The Ones That Have Been Completed Out Of The List. Besides Being a Top-Rated Planner App, Student Calendar Is Well Tailored To Students’ Planning Needs And Might Just Be The Best Study Planner App For You.

2. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Is An App With The Capability To Integrate Several Features/Items Including Your Services And Emails. While It Passes As An Effective Study Planner App, Microsoft Outlook Is Probably The Best Bet For Those Looking To Integrate Emails.

Microsoft Outlook Is a Free-To-Use Study Planner App that conveniently Integrates Microsoft’s Sunrise Calendar App. You Can Expect To Make Success With Microsoft Outlook While Accessing It Via The Web Or As An Android/Ios App.

Since Microsoft Outlook Integrates Sunrise Calendar, Using The Study Planner App Will Enable You To Assign Sunrise’s Multiple Icons To Your Notifications, Activities, Etc. In Summary, Microsoft Outlook Is a Free Software Program For Study Planning Coupled With Effective Email Integration. If You Hope To Fully Access The Functionality Of Microsoft Outlook, You May Have To Upgrade To Its Premium Version.

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3. Istudiez

Istudiez Is An Excellent Planner App For Scheduling Classes And Organizing Events, Tasks, Etc. In a Manner That Facilitates The Achievement Of Academic Goals. Aside From Its Great Potential Of Organizing Your Tasks, Istudiez Is a Customizable Study Planner App That Lets You Color-Code The Scheduled Classes And Include Important Info In Schedules.

There Are Several Icons You Can Use To Spicing Up The Aesthetic Feel Of Your Schedules And Even Make Them Easy To Identify. Plus, Istudiez Lets You Easily Add Essential Details –Such As the Professor’s Contact Info, Name, And Office Hours –In Your Schedules.

Istudiez Is Available As a free-to-use iOS/Android App And May Also Be Accessed Via The Web. An Upgrade To Its Premium Version Is Also Possible For Users Who Can Afford The Associated Cost.

4. Todoist

Todoist Can Pass As An Excellent Study Planner App Though It’s Basically Designed To Serve As a Software Program For Project Management. Interestingly, The Functionality Of Todoist Will Appeal To Anyone Who Needs It For Professional Or Individual Use.

With Todoist, students can Easily Organize Their Academic Tasks And Schedule Classes Same Way An Employer/Boss Can Count On The Tool For Easy Organization Of Tasks And Allocation To Various Employees. The Planner App Is Easy To Use And As a Boss, You Can Use It To Organize The Tasks To Be Executed By Your Team. Whether It’s Meant To Be Used Individually Or For a Collective Task Planning Purpose, Todoist Is Definitely a Worthy Tool.

Just Like The Other Study Planner Apps In This Post, Todoist Can Be Accessed Via The Web And On iOS/Android Devices. Todoist Is Free To Use But You May Want To Upgrade To Its Premium Plan For a Better Experience.

5.Chipper Student Planner

This App Lets You Schedule The Academic Courses You’re Taking By Date And Time. It Is a Great Study Planner App That Gives Students An Excellent Shot At Time Management. This Is Evident Not Only In How The App Lets You Schedule the Date And Time For Various Academic Tasks But Also In How You Can Use The App’s Timer Feature –Under The Study Tab –In Timing Your Study Session.

Interestingly, Chipper Student Planner Is Designed To Motivate Students To Achieve Their Set Goals While Using The App. How This Works Is That The Students Get Rewarded With Unreal Money After Completing Set Activities. The Money Is Unreal As You Won’t Get Paid Actually But One Good Thing Here Is That It Could Stimulate You To Meet Set Goals. While Chipper Is Free To Use Across Android And Ios Platforms, The Study Planner App Is However Associated With In-App Purchases.

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With The Aid Of This Chipper Planner App, You Can Deal Effectively With Your Coursework By Creating a Calendar For Proper Organization Of Tests, Papers, Assignments (Along With Their Due Dates), Quizzes And Other Academic Tasks/Events.

6.Power Planner

Power Planner Is a Powerful Planner App That Gets Updated Regularly. Hence, The App Gets Loaded With New Features, Making It a Fantastic Study Planner For Students. Armed With This App, You Can Perform Amazing Planning That Involves Keeping Tabs On Your Gpa, Viewing Tests/Assignments And Setting Up Schedules.

You Can Expect Power Planner To Perform Almost All The Planning Functions For Which You May Want To Use Any Other Planner Apps In This Post. Particularly, The App Comes With “The If” Feature. Interestingly, This Feature Is a Special Addition That Lets You Figure Out The Assignment Grades Required For Attaining An A In a Given Class.

Power Planner Is Free To Use Across Platforms Including The Web, Ios And Android. But For You To Fully Unlock Power Planner’s Potential, You Need To Upgrade To Its Premium Version. Beyond Boasting Added Features, Power Planner Appears To Be a Distinguished Study Planner App With The Best GPA calculator. Its GPA calculator Is Considered Better Than Those Of The Other Study Planner Apps In This Post.

7. Myhomework Student Planner

This Study Planner App Is a Dependable Software Program For Synchronizing Your Data Across Devices And For Keeping Yourself Abreast Of Class Schedules. It’s a Great App For Both Individual Use (By Students) And For Lecturers To Give Online Instructions.

Asides Its Ability To Furnish You With Exam Reminders, Myhomework Study Planner Can Help You Organize Your Study Activities. By Using This Planner App To Organize Your Homework And Other Assignments, You’Ll Find It Pretty Easy To Monitor The Assignments On The Go.

You likely Find My homework Study Planner Amazing Especially For Its Versatile Support Across Devices And Platforms Including The Web, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, Windows 8, And iPhone.

To Use Myhomework Study Planner, You Can Go With The Free Version Or Subscribe To The Premium Version Which Costs $4.99 Yearly.

Top Four Commonly Asked Questions About Studying And Study Planners

Are Study Planner Apps Compatible With Laptops?

Study Planner Apps Are Digital Tools That You Can Use On Different Devices –Ipads, Smartphones, Personal Computers, Etc. –Depending On The Versatility Of The Individual Planner App. Most, If Not All, Of The Discussed Study Planner Apps Can Be Used On The Web. Therefore, You Can Expect To Access Such Planner Apps On Your Laptop.

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Would a Planner App Be Effective For Maintaining a Healthy Study Habit?

To Maintain a Healthy Study Habit, Much Of The Work Is Required On The Part Of a Student. Depending On The Chosen Study Planner App, The Student Could Be Motivated To Become Studious After Having Incorporated a Planner App Into Their Academic Life. A Planner App Like Chipper Study Planner, For Instance, Comes With An Incentive In The Form Of Unreal Money That The Student Earns For Completing Set Tasks.

What Time Of Day Should I Study And For How Many Hours?

The Human Brain Tends To Be In The Acquisition Mode During Specific Time Of Day. As Proven By Science, The Periods From 4pm To 10pm And 10am To 2pm Are The Best Hours Of The Day For Learning To Be Effective. The Suitable Number Of Hours For Studying Can Vary From One Individual (Student) To Another. The Study Time Can As Well Vary Depending On The Complexity Of Your Course. Generally, 2-4 Hours Daily Might Be The Ideal Study Duration For You.

Is There a Specific Suitable Study Position?

Some Students May Wonder Why They Easily Fall Asleep While Studying. Asides The Science-Proven Fact That Intensive Studying (Probably When Prolonged) Tends To Induce Sleep, Some Body Postures Too Can Actually Induce Sleep.

To Limit Your Likelihood Of Falling Asleep While Studying, We Recommend That You Sit Upright With Your Two Feet On The Floor And Your Back Resting On The Back Of a Chair.

Final words

To Decide The Most Ideal Study Planner App For Your Kind Of Student, One Important Thing Is To Ascertain Your (Planning) Needs While Another Is To Figure Out The App With Features That Can Meet Such Needs. If Your Need Includes Selecting a Planner App With Lots Of Regularly Updated Features (Including a Powerful Gpa Calculator), Power Planner Might Just Be The Best Option For You.

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