What are the Price Range of Stag Beetles: Understanding Their Value

What are the Price Range of Stag Beetles

What is the Price Range of Stag Beetles: Understanding Their Value

Stag beetles, with their unique appearance and captivating characteristics, have become highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. If you’re curious about the prices of stag beetles, this article will provide you with insights into the factors that influence their value and the general price range you can expect in the market.

How Much Is Stag Beetle

The stag beetle is a large insect belonging to the Lucanidae family. Originally, they were mostly found in Europe’s Central and Western parts, living on coniferous trees. The stag beetle is also found here in Africa and is now rare in Europe. It is the most expensive insect in the world, costing about $80,000 to $150,000, depending on its size and condition.

Please note that the prices mentioned are approximate and can vary depending on various factors.

  1. Rarity and Species

The rarity of a stag beetle species is a significant factor in determining its price. Some species, such as Prosopocoilus giraffa or Lucanus cervus, may command higher prices due to their limited distribution or unique features. Rare color variations or distinct morphological characteristics can also increase the value of a specimen.

  1. Size and Quality

The size and quality of a stag beetle can greatly impact its price. Larger specimens, particularly males with impressive mandibles, tend to be more desirable among collectors, thus fetching higher prices. Additionally, well-preserved specimens with minimal damage or imperfections are generally valued higher than those with visible flaws.

  1. Condition and Preservation

The condition of a stag beetle is crucial in determining its value. Specimens that are properly preserved, with clear and intact body parts, tend to have a higher price. Well-preserved stag beetles are often mounted on pins or displayed in specially designed cases to maintain their aesthetic appeal.

  1. Provenance and Legal Compliance

The legal compliance and provenance of a stag beetle also play a role in its value. Specimens that have been sourced legally and come with the necessary permits and documentation may be considered more valuable. Buyers and collectors often prefer specimens that are obtained through ethical means and support conservation efforts.

  1. Market Demand and Seller Reputation

The law of supply and demand also influences the prices of stag beetles. If there is a high demand for a particular species or morphological variation, the price may increase accordingly. Moreover, the reputation and credibility of the seller can impact the perceived value of the stag beetle. Reputable sellers with a history of providing genuine specimens and fair transactions may command higher prices.

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General Price Range

The price range for stag beetles can vary significantly based on the factors mentioned above. As an approximation, stag beetles can range from a few hundred Nigerian Naira to several thousand Nigerian Naira or even more, depending on their rarity, size, quality, and demand. It is important to conduct thorough research and consider multiple sources to determine fair market prices and make informed purchasing decisions.

How Much Is Stag Beetle

Stag Beetle: World's Most Expensive Insect That Can Make You A Millionaire Overnight

The stag beetle can reach up to 6 centimeters in length. The male beetle is larger than the female and has a long, narrow, outward-curving horn on its head. It uses this horn to fight other males for access to females during mating season.

The stag beetle lives underground for most of its life cycle, where it feeds on rotting wood. The adult stag beetle emerges from the ground during mating season for about one month each year. During this time, they mate and lay eggs before returning to their underground homes until next year’s mating season begins again.

Stag beetles have a hard shell covering their body called an exoskeleton. This shell protects them from predators but also makes it difficult for them to grow larger than about 4 centimeters in length without molting (shedding) it first then growing a new one that fits better!

Where Can I Sell A Stag Beetle in Nigeria? 

You can sell your stag beetle through websites like InsectNet Marketplace and InsectSale. You can also sell to waiting buyers on classified ad sites like Jiji.ng and Olist.ng. Offline, you can sell to museums.

Details on Where To Sell a Stag Beetle in Nigeria

  • InsectNet Marketplace 

InsectNet Marketplace is a platform through which rare insects are sold and bought. Simply search the website, open an account, and read its terms of use. However, ensure you have an insect for sale before attempting to open an account on this platform.

  • InsectSale

InsectSale is another platform through which insects can be traded, the only exception being they do more selling than buying. Search “InsectSale” on Google, and explore the site. You will be lucky to get your insect sold on this platform.

  • Museums

Stag beetles are considered endangered; you can even categorize them as a specie near extinction. This is why the necessary authorities are willing to pay huge sums if any is found. Museums also buy rare insects, and they would certainly pay generously for a stag beetle.

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If you are based in the United States, you can sell your stag beetle for as high as $80,000. If you are here in Nigeria, the insect can be sold for over N30 million naira. This is not just some fable, and neither is it a rumor. It is true. However, it’s been ages since a stag beetle was reportedly sold.

What is a Stag Beetle? — All You Need To Know

The stag beetle is a prized insect in Japan and in several animal museums. It has about 1,200 species and four subfamilies. The insect is native to the Mediterranean region and is scientifically called Lucanus Cervus.

The insect lives on the soil around tree plantations and spends its days mostly on the ground. When the evening comes, the males fly off the ground in search of their mates. They are mostly active at dusk and are attracted to light. You often find them walking around warm surfaces.

The stag beetles are indeed fascinating. They can grow to a length of over 12cm, but you find the adults around 8.5cm on average, which makes them the largest beetles in the world. They have a relative lifespan of 6-7 years, but some die off as early as their 2nd year.

Structure of Stag Beetles

Stag beetles have blackheads and bodies which deep brown wing cases. They have big antlers and large mandibles with wide jaws. The insect uses its oversized mandibles for courtship and wrestling with other beetles. They have six antennas for sensitivity.

The females are notably stronger than the males, with mouthparts that are visibly larger. They are mostly found underground, where they lay their eggs in cocoons. Their larvae are white and resemble a C-shaped worm.

Importance of Stag Beetles

Stag beetles are an important part of the ecosystem and are valuable to wildlife. They recycle dead wood by returning its nutrients back to the soil. They also feed birds and other smaller insects. There are also claims that they are of medicinal value and are said to produce several types of medicines.

Are Stag Beetles Harmful? 

Stag beetles are not directly harmful to humans but can cause problems for gardeners. They are a common pest in Africa and constitute a nuisance to yard owners. Their larvae are found in rotting wood close to the soil. They feed on this decaying wood looking for splinters. They also feed on fungi and other wood organisms, causing white rot.

Why Are Stag Beetles Going Extinct? 

The population of stag beetles in Africa is on the rise each year, but the reverse happens in Europe. It was nearly extinct in Denmark and Latvia until its reintroduction to the countries. This decline is due to the loss of woodland caused by urbanization, agricultural practices, and forestry. Stag beetles are also preyed upon by cattle, foxes, and crows.

Do Stag Beetles Make Thunder Happen? 

Stag beetles make a strange sound that resonates like thunder to keep predators away. This sound is called stridulation, and the insect makes it by scraping one set of its body parts against another.


The prices of stag beetles are influenced by various factors, including rarity, species, size, quality, condition, legality, and market demand. Collectors and enthusiasts interested in purchasing stag beetles should consider these factors and conduct research to determine fair market prices. It is essential to prioritize ethical trading practices and ensure compliance with local regulations to contribute to the conservation of these remarkable insects. By understanding the factors that influence stag beetle prices, you can navigate the market more effectively and make informed decisions when acquiring these fascinating creatures.

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