What Are the 10 Best-Paying Jobs in Consumer Electronics?

What Are the 10 Best-Paying Jobs in Consumer Electronics?

Consumer electronics is a highly relevant industry, thanks to the widespread use of electronic appliances across homes, offices, and just anywhere. While this industry manufactures a large volume of consumer products, some of its products include toys, cars, and home appliances.

Choosing to work in consumer electronics is definitely a great idea, not only because it is a lucrative industry, but also because it contributes to the mass production of consumer products.

If you’re gearing up for the consumer electronics industry, chances are that you’ll want to find out the best-paying jobs in this industry. To ease your access to information about such jobs, we have come up with a well-researched list of the 10 best-paying jobs in consumer electronics.


What Are the 10 Best-Paying Jobs in Consumer Electronics?


Product Brand Manager

This job saddles an individual with several responsibilities including defining marketing strategies, formulating business objectives, and coordinating subordinates toward the achievement of the objectives.

In the consumer electronics industry, the product brand manager not only performs oversight functions but also plays a crucial role in the decision-making of the consumer electronics company. Product brand managers can leverage their understanding of market trends, product branding, etc., to provide their company with expert advice on how to push up sales/profits, thereby boosting the company’s market share.

Product brand managers are well-paid professionals, with their average annual salary estimated at $140,000.


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Computer Software Engineer

The responsibilities of software engineers revolve around the application of software development to problem solving. In other words, these professionals employ their expertise in software engineering in building the resources –such as software applications –that help individuals and businesses carry out specific tasks.

Software engineers are responsible for building software (programs) for both applications and computers. While these professionals deservedly fall among the best-paid experts in the consumer electronics industry, it’s unsurprising that their average annual salary hovers around $80,844.

Here is the link to find out the available computer software engineer jobs.


Electronics Technician

Just like other technicians, electronics technicians engage in the diagnosis and repair of technical defects. In consumer electronics, electronics technicians are experts who conduct repair services on medical gadgets, computer systems, electronic equipment, etc.

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Due to their vast technical expertise, electronic technicians may fit well into various other roles in the consumer electronics industry. These professionals sometimes provide advice on the best ways to manage complex equipment, and install technical facilities. Electronics technicians also help run maintenance checks on equipment.

The yearly average salary of electronics technicians is estimated at $70,000.

Here is the link to find out the available electronics technician jobs.


Product Designer

The job of a product designer in consumer electronics is a crucial one which entails working out the techniques for designing new products and identifying the ideal way to revamp products.

Product designers also learn about the dynamics of the consumer markets in order to see how they can incorporate new trends into the process of product design. These professionals are well-remunerated, and considering their average annual salary of $86,744, product designers are undeniably some of the best-paid professionals in the consumer electronics industry.

Here is the link to find out the available product designer jobs.


Computer Programmer

This job is pretty lucrative, and as a computer programmer, you must be able to apply your knowledge of coding to the programming of computer applications.

Computer programmers are skilled in testing programs, upgrading a series of coding programs, and transforming designs into workable codes. Some of their other responsibilities include identifying programming irregularities as well as rectifying them.

A computer programmer working in a consumer electronics company should be able to collaborate with the company’s other tech experts, including software developers who might be required to provide the designs that the computer programmer is expected to transform into codes. The average annual salary of computer programmers is estimated at $66,500.

Here is the link to find out the available computer programmer jobs.


Computer Hardware Engineer

This consumer electronics job saddles you with varying responsibilities including resolving computer hardware issues, and designing and developing various hardware components such as routers, memory devices, and circuit boards.

Undeniably, computer hardware engineers constitute the essential computer engineers in consumer electronics. The average annual salary of these experts is estimated at $55,000.


Here is the link to find out the available computer hardware engineer jobs.


Quality Engineer

The job of the quality engineer necessitates high-level skills including the ability to assess products, set up processes, and test procedures.

Quality engineers conduct quality testing/assessment on the processes involved in product creation as well as the product itself. In this regard, it’s the duty of the quality engineer to ascertain that the processes and the product are on par with stipulated safety standards. The average annual salary of quality engineers hovers around $78,000.

Here is the link to find out the available quality engineer jobs.


Production Support Specialist

It’s hard to deny that production support specialists are needed for the smooth running of production processes. While these professionals contribute significantly to production, their duties include exhaustive project documentation, arrangement of supplies, and preparation of components during production.

Production support specialists contribute not only to the actual production process but also during pre-production. These support specialists fall among the well-paid professionals in the consumer electronics industry. The average annual salary of product support specialists is estimated at $48,500.

Here is the link to find out the available production support specialist jobs.


Industrial Designer

This is a design expert whose job is to put together the ideas that are expected to birth various consumer electronic appliances such as toys, cars, specific (electronic) gadgets, etc.

Individuals with exceptional design skills and a wealth of engineering knowledge can fit into this job. Such individuals would be responsible for merging engineering knowledge with artistic ideas in order to develop excellent designs for various electronic appliances.

Industrial designers get rewarded beautifully for their design expertise, so it’s unsurprising that the average industrial designer earns up to $68,000 annually.

Here is the link to find out available industrial designer jobs


Microsoft Specialist

To fit into this job, you need to be vastly skilled in data entry, spreadsheet creation, etc., by use of Microsoft Office.

As a Microsoft specialist in this regard, your basic duties will revolve around spreadsheet preparation, word processing, etc., for a consumer electronics company. While this is ideally one of the best-paying jobs in consumer electronics, the average annual salary of Microsoft specialists is estimated at $73,000.

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Here is the link to find out available Microsoft specialist jobs.


What Is the Best-Paying Consumer Electronics Job?

With the list we’ve provided, it’s pretty clear that working as a product brand manager is the best-paying job in consumer electronics. The average yearly salary of product brand managers hovers around $140,000, making the product brand manager the highest-paid professional in consumer electronics.

Are Consumer Electronics Jobs Lucrative?

Generally, we think of consumer electronics as a lucrative industry, and as you must have observed, the least-paying consumer electronics job in this post pays as high as $55,000 annually.



Irrespective of what influences your choice of career, consumer electronics is probably one of the best career paths for you. With the list we’ve provided so far, you should now have a clear idea of the lucrative consumer electronics position(s) that you can fit into.

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