Top 7 Facts You Might Not Know About Mediatakeout

If You’Re An Avid Lover Of Celebrity-Focused News, Especially When It Pertains To The African-American Celebrities Out There, You May Have Heard About Mediatakeout Or Read One Of Its Stories.

For Those Who Just Can’t Do Without Hearing Gossip, Rumors Or Even Shocking Facts About Celebrities, Mediatakeout Is Really One Of The Go-To Sites Out There.

While Mediatakeout Has Long Sustained Its Reputation As a Top-Profile News Outlet For Celebrity-Focused Stories, This Post Presents You More Information About Mediatakeout As Well As The Top 7 Facts You Might Not Know About The Entertainment Site.

An Overview Of Mediatakeout

Mediatakeout Is An Entertainment-Focused Website That Regularly Dishes Out Trendy News And Gossip About Celebrities. Though Majorly Acclaimed For Its Strong Focus On Celebrity News, Mediatakeout Further Thrives On Provision Of Other Interesting Content Such As Must-See Photos, Viral Stories, And Hilarious Videos.

Mediatakeout Prides On Its Strong Reputation As One Of The Go-To Websites For Interesting Information Especially Including Celebrity News. The Website Has a Huge Overall Social Media Following, Signifying How Much Acceptance It Has Received From The Social Media Space.

While Mediatakeout Appears Very Active Across Snapchat, YouTube, And Instagram, The Entertainment-Focused Site Has Raked In 2 Million+ Followers And 4 Million+ Likes Via Its Twitter Account And Facebook Page Respectively.

Who Founded Mediatakeout And When Was It Founded?

Any Documented History Of Mediatakeout Would Be Far From Complete If It Failed To Allude To Fred Mwangaguhunga As The Founder Of The Entertainment Site. Mediatakeout Is, Therefore, a Brainchild Of Fred Mwangaguhunga Who Originally Started The Site As a Sort Of Hobby.

Mediatakeout, Which Was Established In 2006, Soon Began To Attract Wide-Ranging Appeal To Such An Extent That It Could No Longer Be Regarded As a Hobby For Its Founder. Less Than Three Years After It Was Founded, Mediatakeout Was Already a Hugely Visited Entertainment Site With 2 Million+ Monthly Unique Visitors.

In 2010, Mediatakeout Bagged a Highly-Coveted Award Known As The “Bet Award For Best Hip Hop Site”. It’s Worthy Of Note That In The Previous Year, Mediatakeout Was Among The Nominees For The Said Award. Without Any Doubt, Winning This Award Signals The Huge Degree Of Popularity That Mediatakeout Has Garnered As An Entertainment-Focused Site.

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Asides Winning At The Bet Award, Mediatakeout Has Been Acknowledged In Other Prominent Ways. In 2017, For Instance, The Root Acknowledged Mediatakeout As One Of The Most Influential African-American Websites. Also, Comscore, In 2015, Ranked It As The Number 1 Gossip Website.

Top 7 Facts You Might Not Know About Mediatakeout

Mediatakeout’s Founder Trained As a Lawyer

Fred Mwangaguhunga Wasn’t a Media Mogul Prior To Establishing Mediatakeout. In Fact, His Academic Profile Shows That He Was Trained As a Lawyer. His Academic Profile Also Reveals That He Is a Graduate Of New York-Based City University.

Although Fred Has Claimed That Even If He Stopped Running Mediatakeout, He Wouldn’t Consider Giving Law a Second Chance, We Don’t Know His Reason For Switching From Law To The Media.

Mediatakeout Has a Strong Focus On African-American Celebrities

Many Followers Of Mediatakeout Can Attest To The Claim That The Entertainment Site Substantially Provides News About African-American Celebrities. The Reason For Mediatakeout’s Extensive Focus On African-American Celebrities Is That Fred Mwangaguhunga Was Motivated To Found The Site After Observing That There Was The Need For a News/Gossip Site That Would Revolve Around African-American Celebrities.

Although Fred Was Discouraged From Founding a Website With This Focus, Due To Some People’s Purported Belief That Not Many People Would Fancy Such a Site, The Ugandan-American Went Ahead To Establish Mediatakeout Which Is Now One Of The Best Entertainment Sites Around.


Mediatakeout Relies On Insiders For Most Of Its Stories

Mediatakeout Is Well Known For Keeping Its (News) Sources Anonymous. It’s Widely Believed That The Site Generates Majority Of Its Celebrity-Oriented Stories From People Who Are Very Close To The Celebrities. Failure To Give Clues About Its Sources Is Most Probably One Way Mediatakeout Tries To Protect The Sources.

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Since Mediatakeout’s (Information) Sources Are Believed To Be Insiders, These Sources Might Include The Domestic Staff, Office Staff Or Family Members Of The Celebrities. The Sources Could As Well Be Former Associates Of The Celebrities That Mediatakeout Carries News About.

The Site Is The First To Report a Number Of Big Celebrity Stories

Mediatakeout May Pride Itself As The First News Outlet To Break The News That Michael Jordan Was On The Verge Of a Divorce. Interestingly, There Are Other Instances Of How Mediatakeout Beat Other Top News Outlets As The First Reporter Of Big Celebrity Stories. One Of Them Is Breaking The News About Kim Kardashian’s First Pregnancy.

It’s Therefore a Fact That Rather Than Always Reporting What Was Previously Reported By Various Other Top News Outlets, Mediatakeout Generates Fresh Facts Enabling It To Be The First To Report Some Big Stories.

Facebook Presence Helps Mediatakeout Generate Lots Of Traffic

While Social Media Presence Appears Instrumental In The Massive Following That Mediatakeout Has Garnered, Facebook May Be Particularly Considered The Lifeblood Of This Social Media Presence.

Since Mediatakeout Established a Presence On Facebook, The News Site Has Been Generating a Lot Of Traffic. This Shouldn’t Come As a Surprise Because Many More People Tend To Learn About Mediatakeout Each Time Facebook Users Share One Of The Site’s Big Stories.

Mediatakeout Fancies Use Of Sensationalistic Headlines

Just As It’s a Common Culture Among Most News Blogs, Mediatakeout –Which Is a Blog-Like Entertainment-Focused Site –Thrives On Sensationalistic Headlines. There’s No Denying That Sensationalistic Headlines Are a Crucial Part Of The Reasons Why Tons Of News Readers Stay Glued To Mediatakeout.

Mediatakeout’s Sensationalistic Headlines Attract The Attention Of Most People Who Come Across The Headlines. While It’s Well Known That Popular Entertainment Sites With Sensationalistic Headlines Often Get Dragged For Their Stories, Mediatakeout Has Unsurprisingly Suffered Heavy Criticism On Several Occasions.

Reports Claim That It Is The World’s Most Visited Urban Website

As Per Alexa Rankings, Mediatakeout Has Long Featured Among The Top 10,000 Websites. This, Coupled With The Fact That Mediatakeout Has Garnered More Than 30 Million Visitors, Clearly Points To The Fact That It’s One Of The Most-Visited Sites Around.

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Although We Can’t Find Any Official Report To Verify The Claim, Some Sources Are Believed To Have Claimed That Mediatakeout Is The World’s Most-Visited Urban Website.

Faqs About Mediatakeout

Can I Contact Mediatakeout Via E-Mail?

Yes. You Can Directly Mail Mediatakeout. All You Need Is To Compose Your Email Message And Send It To The Address Info@Mediatakeout.Com . Another Way To Contact Mediatakeout Is To Use The Contact Form Provided On The Official Website.

How Strong Is Mediatakeout’s Presence On Social Media?

Huge Social Media Presence Is One Of Mediatakeout’s Strengths. This Is Why It’s Unsurprising That The Entertainment Website Has Garnered 2 Million+ Followers On Twitter And 4 Million+ Likes On Its Facebook Page.

Who Is The Founder Of Mediatakeout?

Mediatakeout Was Founded By Fred Mwangaguhunga –a Ugandan Media Mogul Who Previously Served As a Corporate Lawyer.

When Was Mediatakeout Founded?

Mediatakeout Was Founded In 2006.


With What We’Ve Said About Mediatakeout, It’s Pretty Clear That If You’Re Damn Excited About Celebrity-Focused News, You Might Want To Check Out What Mediatakeout Has Got To Offer. As An Entertainment Site With Lots Of Daily Visitors, Mediatakeout Might Seem Like The Perfect Fit For Some Advertisers Looking To Widen Their Brands’ Reach.




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