Top 5 Legit Paypal Exchangers In Nigeria

Top 5 Legit Paypal Exchangers In Nigeria

There’s a widespread belief that fraudulent PayPal exchangers abound in Nigeria. Inasmuch as we wouldn’t want to counter this belief, one truth we can’t shy away from is that Nigeria is also home to legit PayPal exchange companies.

Especially on the part of customers, online currency exchange is somewhat risky; some customers can reckon that they have, at one point in time, fallen into the hands of fraudulent online currency exchangers. Meanwhile, PayPal isn’t far from the list of online payment services whose customers have suffered currency exchange scams.

In Nigeria, many PayPal users can either reckon that they’ve suffered such scams or know people who are victims of the scams. Nonetheless, Nigeria boasts a good number of legit e-currency exchangers who not only hold a reputation in PayPal (funds) exchange but also help people exchange several e-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DODGE, Litecoin, USDT, etc.

We’ll, therefore, in this post provide you with important details about some of the legit PayPal exchangers in Nigeria. Also, we’ll show you how to identify a legit PayPal exchanger.

What Are the Top 5 Legit PayPal Exchangers in Nigeria?

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Patricia is a top-rated currency exchange platform that supports different currencies including PayPal (funds), Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, Monero, DODGE, and Ethereum. Many Nigerian users of Patricia have praised the exchange platform for its high levels of efficiency and authenticity, making it one of the best PayPal exchangers in Nigeria.

Patricia is an easy-to-access platform as it is available (for download) through Apple Store and Google’s Play Store. With Patricia, it’s pretty easy to make the most of currency exchange or trading. Quite interestingly, the currency exchanger –via its website –features a newsletter which users of Patricia might want to subscribe to.

Aside from Patricia’s host of beneficial features (learning portal, newsletter, and multi-currency support), the PayPal exchanger is touted as one of the most-used currency exchangers in Africa.

Patricia is a trusted currency exchange platform which has been endorsed by different brand influencers. In the Nigerian currency exchange domain, Patricia is regarded as the PayPal exchanger with the “highest authenticity percentage.” If you strongly desire optimum security for your PayPal funds, you shouldn’t shy away from patronizing a legit PayPal exchanger like Patricia.

Instant Exchanger

Among the currency exchangers in Nigeria, Instant Exchanger is one excellent option with a relatively swift processing time. Just like the other PayPal exchangers in this post, Instant Exchanger offers multi-currency support, making it easy for users to exchange different currencies via the platform.

Ease of use is a nice thing to reckon about Instant Exchanger, thanks to the interactive web pages on the website of Instant Exchanger. Instant Exchanger doesn’t seem to command the level of popularity that we know Patricia for, but it’s definitely one of the reliable options in the Nigerian currency exchange domain. Instant Exchanger supports multiple currencies including Bitcoin, PayPal, DASH, DODGE, USDT, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Payeer.

Instant Exchanger has an office and you can schedule a visit through the exchanger’s website. With this, you might want to consider Instant Exchanger an ideal option especially if you’re hell-bent on the security of your PayPal funds.

Moreover, Instant Exchanger is accessible via WhatsApp and Telegram. The accessibility of Instant Exchanger on two of the world’s most popular instant messaging apps probably confirms its status as an “instant” PayPal exchanger. As far as Nigeria is concerned, Instant Exchanger is definitely one of the go-to platforms for PayPal exchange.

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NGE (Nigeria Gold Exchange)

Nigeria Gold Exchange (NGE) is one of the worthy and reliable PayPal exchangers in Nigeria. While you can access this exchanger via Instagram and Facebook, it also offers an easy-to-access website.

As it is with the other exchangers in this post, reliability is nothing to worry about while dealing with NGE. It’s pretty easy for users of the PayPal exchanger to physically lodge their complaints at NGE’s local office.

Apart from supporting popular currencies like Ethereum and USDT, NGE allows you to exchange relatively uncommon options such as Perfect Money, Tether, and Skrill. This is one thing which markedly distinguishes NGE not only from the other exchangers in this post, but also from majority of the other PayPal exchangers out there.

If you’re a great fan of referral programs, you might especially like NGE for the fact that it lets you earn through anyone referred by you. How this works is that NGE rewards you each time your referral uses NGE for currency exchange.

NGE is easily accessible on social media, and as an exchange company, it is located in Port Harcourt. We may claim that NGE isn’t as popular as Patricia and probably some of the other exchange platforms in this post, but based on our findings, it’s one of the legit PayPal exchangers in Nigeria.

Snappy Exchange

Snappy Exchange lives up to its name as a PayPal exchanger which lets you achieve currency exchange really quickly. Thanks to its 24/7 customer support and certain other perks, Snappy Exchange has been labeled a trusted player in the Nigerian currency exchange space.

Among its other excellent offerings, Snappy Exchange boasts a user-friendly website where anyone can find out relevant information. What we like most about this website is its newsletter section –a feature that makes it easy for users of Snappy Exchange to get tailored updates.

Snappy Exchange has other perks including a monthly reward in form of gift boxes. If you’re keen to exchange less common currencies such as Payeer and Tron, you might want to opt for Snappy Exchange as it supports those currencies. The other currencies supported on Snappy Exchange include PayPal, Binance BTC, and Ethereum.

In terms of accessibility, Snappy Exchange also meets expectations through its huge social media presence across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. For the most part, Snappy Exchange fulfills the requirements you might expect a PayPal exchanger to meet, so it’s clearly one of the reliable currency exchangers in Nigeria.

Instant Gold

Instant Gold is a good PayPal exchanger, but for a crucial reason, it’s coming last in our ranking of the best PayPal exchangers in Nigeria. Instant Gold’s domain authority is relatively inferior, plus the website of the PayPal exchanger isn’t the best feature to talk about.

Nevertheless, Instant Gold is a genuine exchanger which guarantees speedy transactions. As for the reliability of Instant Gold, you have nothing to worry about; while Instant Gold is said to have operated for more than 10 years, the exchanger also has offices in Lagos and Ibadan at which customers can physically contact Instant Gold agents.

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We do not label the website of Instant Gold excellent, but we can attest that it is an easy-to-access platform for both customers and visitors. For the most part, customers are still guaranteed a pleasant overall experience while using the website.

If you’re eager to cash in on an exchanger with a referral program, you could try your luck with Instant Gold. The currency exchange company offers a high-reward referral program. Instant Gold also supports a nice range of currencies including Bitcoin, Tither, PayPal, Ethereum, Payeer, and Perfect Money.

Identifying a Legit PayPal Exchanger –Here’s What You Should Know

This might prove difficult for most people, but in actual fact, there are a number of hints by which you can detect a legit PayPal exchanger especially in Nigeria. If a given PayPal exchanger doesn’t meet certain requirements or fails to reveal certain details about itself, there’s a high likelihood that the exchanger is fraudulent or untrustworthy.

Trust is a key ingredient in currency exchange because nobody wishes to lose their money to deceptive platforms or companies masquerading as PayPal exchangers. There are a good number of trustworthy PayPal exchangers in Nigeria, but you could fall into the hands of fraudulent currency exchangers if you’d rather opt for a random exchanger.

We’re keen to help you navigate the Nigerian PayPal exchange domain, so we’d like to provide you with clever tips on how to identify a legit PayPal exchanger in Nigeria.

For a PayPal exchanger to be considered legit, the requirements at its disposal must include some or all of the following:


If a particular PayPal exchanger has a physical office (especially in a major Nigerian city) and clearly reveals the details of the office’s location, this might hint that the exchanger is legit. Instant Gold, for instance, is a trusted PayPal exchanger in Nigeria, and one of the reasons for this trust is that the exchanger has offices in Lagos and Ibadan. When customers have complaints to lodge or when they wish to find out more from a customer representative in person, they can simply visit the offices.

Verifiable online presence

Online presence, in this case, refers to any open (and easy-to-access) online platform where both customers and prospects can find out reliable information or follow updates about a PayPal exchanger. If the exchanger has an active website and social media profiles (especially on popular platforms like Twitter and Facebook), this will likely give a positive impression about the legitimacy of the exchanger.

Honest online review(s)

Online reviews –especially honest ones like the post you’re currently reading –are one of the best ways to identify a legit PayPal exchanger. If a given PayPal exchanger has been in business for several years and has maintained a fantastic reputation over those years, chances are that people would be stimulated to write positive reviews about it.

If you’re bent on avoiding fraudulent exchangers, you should be keen to find a PayPal exchanger that has attracted positive online reviews from both customers and non-customers.

Multi-currency support

If an exchanger or exchange platform claims to specialize solely in PayPal (funds) exchange, this might not be enough to consider it a legit PayPal exchanger. You should, of course, be curious to know if your preferred exchanger supports several other (popular) currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance BTC, DODGE, etc.

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Multi-currency support is, in fact, a key requirement, and all of the five PayPal exchangers we’ve discussed fulfill this requirement. Each of the exchangers supports a good range of currencies.

Quick processing time

Guaranty of swift exchange is one of the metrics by which PayPal exchangers are rated. If a particular PayPal exchanger (you’re looking to try out) cannot give explicit and credible responses about its exchange speed, this is most probably a red flag.

Normally, anyone would want to know how soon they can get their PayPal funds exchanged. So, it would be a costly mistake to patronize a supposed PayPal exchanger that cannot guarantee a worthy exchange speed.


What is the best PayPal exchanger in Nigeria?

Most times, it proves difficult to single out a particular currency exchange company/platform as the best PayPal exchanger in Nigeria. While we can assure you that all of the five PayPal exchangers reviewed in this post are worth patronizing, we consider Patricia the best PayPal exchanger in Nigeria.

Patricia is an easy-to-access PayPal exchanger which features a newsletter that users of the exchanger might want to subscribe to. Aside from its host of beneficial features (learning portal, newsletter, and multi-currency support), the Patricia is touted as one of the most-used currency exchangers in Africa. Moreover, Patricia is a trusted currency exchange platform which has been endorsed by different brand influencers. In the Nigerian currency exchange domain, Patricia is regarded as the PayPal exchanger with the “highest authenticity percentage.”

Are there legit PayPal exchangers in Nigeria?

There are many fraudulent PayPal exchangers in Nigeria, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find legit PayPal exchangers in the country. While we’ve already reviewed five of the legit Nigerian PayPal exchangers, we’re pretty sure that there are other legit PayPal exchangers apart from the ones we’ve reviewed.

How do I know a particular Nigerian PayPal exchanger is legit?

If you’d rather opt for a random Nigerian PayPal exchanger, you could fall into the hands of fraudulent individuals masquerading as PayPal/currency exchangers. To identify a legit Nigerian PayPal exchanger, it behoves you to ascertain to the presence of these requirements:

(i) Office(s)

(ii) Verifiable online presence

(iii) Honest online review(s)

(iv) Multi-currency support

(v) Quick processing time


Finding a legit Nigerian PayPal exchanger is not as difficult as you may have thought. With the list of top 5 legit PayPal exchangers in this post, we hope you now know the Nigerian exchangers you should approach each time you wish to exchange PayPal funds.

Meanwhile, we’ve tried enough by providing all the essential details that we know about each of the five PayPal exchanges. It’s up to you to carefully review the strengths and features of the exchanges in order to figure out the option that’s most appropriate for you.



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