Top 10 Dating Apps With Sugar Daddies That Send Money Without Meeting


You could get frustrated in your search for a sugar daddy who’d agree to a virtual relationship while still sending you money.

Frankly, however, findings have revealed that there are a pretty number of “places” where a prospective sugar baby can find sugar daddies who are ready to send money without scheduling any physical meeting with their sugar babies.

As we’ve come to realize, such “places” count as exciting sugar daddy apps or sites, and in this post, we’d like to show you the top 10 dating apps with sugar daddies that send money without meeting.

Top 11 Sugar Daddy Sites To Meet Sugar Babies and Daddies Online in 2023
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This sugar dating app is just as its name entails. RichMeetBeautiful enables you, whether sugar daddy or sugar baby, to connect with somebody who meets your criteria.


On RichMeetBeautiful, you have the opportunity to search for people whose views are the same as yours. Private pictures are viewed by premium users only. There is also the virtual gift feature on the app.

Secret Benefits

Nowadays, it seems everything could be gotten online and apparently, sugar dating is one of them. From the comfort of your home, you can “get along” with a sugar daddy and get paid without having to physically meet them, by using certain apps. One of such apps is SecretBenefits.

SecretBenefits is an app that’s really popular amongst those dating online. It’s been listed among the safest dating sites as a video of each user of the app must be uploaded to authenticate the user. If probably erotic videos or pictures are shared, there are ways of keeping them away from “unwanted” eyes. The app provides secret albums to its users, making it pretty easy for them to enjoy optimum privacy. 

This app’s name alone is enticing, captivating and exciting. If you are satisfied with not being paid sometimes as a sugar baby –as some sugar daddies on this app do not pay –then nothing should stop you from giving a try. The funny thing is, as a sugar baby, you might be lucky enough to be get a benefactor on the app.


Although is a new app, still unknown to many, it has gotten great reviews from some of its users. Many give credence to the app’s impeccable design, its features and its ability to give detailed profiles about its clients. As a sugar baby or sugar daddy using this app, you are required to upload 6 real pictures.

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The reason for that is simply to ensure that everyone on the app is there purely for what the app is about and not to swindle others.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is another sugar dating app with sugar daddies that send money without any need for meeting. Unlike SecretBenefits, Ashley Madison is designed to be used partly for affair and partly for sugar daddy stuff. This app welcomes men who are “off the market” but still interested in sugar dating.

Frankly, Ashley Madison offers top-notch security to its clients (users) by providing the means for these users to privatize their pictures and videos, blur their photos or add certain filters for secrecy. When using this app, it is safe to say you needn’t worry about leaked pictures or videos.


If you doubt that a premium dating site is worthwhile while considering joining it, you might want to know if that site has a free trial. Interestingly, is a cost-inclusive dating app with a free trial. While this app offers a free trial period for users, all you need do is to register and click on free trial to have a feel of what its sugar dating scene is.

As a sugar baby on this site, using some features isn’t free; a monthly fee of $22.49 is required to unlock the premium features such as having a live chat and sending messages. But if that doesn’t work for you, you may go on and enjoy the host of free services including viewing pictures and profiles of potential sugar daddies or babies. You also have the choice to select who you wish to meet.


We’re pretty sure that one of the sugar dating apps we find really intriguing is WhatsYourPrice. This free unique app provides the opportunity for sugar daddies to meet their sugar babies. Imagine having an awesome connection with someone, and –then boom! –you get to meet the person. It’s like a dream come true.

When a sugar daddy on WhatsYourPrice makes a breakthrough with his bid, it’s a good thing for his sugar baby, because she is instantly paid after accepting the bid. Joining the WhatsYourPrice app is easy. Get the app running on your phone, have your account verified, and post some pictures of yourself.

It is important to get your account verified as this will enable you to send messages. Users without verified accounts only get to view people’s profiles and send winks. One special thing about this app is that as a sugar daddy or sugar baby, you could get a real date. And who knows? It might lead to something lasting.

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Recently joining the sugar dating scene is SugarBook. This dating app is pretty much easy to access. It is available on Google Play Store as well as Apple’s app store.

Although it hasn’t got many sugar daddies on it yet, since it is relatively new, SugarBook manages to have a fair number of good sugar daddies that a sugar baby might check out. As a sugar baby, you get to use some features for free by providing or registering with your college email. This not only gives you access to some amazing features but also, it eliminates the likelihood of getting exposed to fraudulent activities.

Sudy Dating App

Sudy is a dating app that gives a one-day free trial of its premium features to its users. This, probably, is done to attract clients as well as give them a feel of Sudy’s premium features. Subscribed to the premium features, users get to watch private videos and view private pictures.

Also, users of Sudy can go anonymous, thanks to the added specialized mode known as “incognito mode”. Account verification is necessary for security reasons and to render you visible to sugar daddies who might be interested in your profile.

Established Men

One of the best sugar dating sites is EstablishedMen. Interestingly, the site is one of the best for a number of reasons.

Firstly, real gifts, and not only virtual gifts, are obtainable on the site. Secondly, in-depth research of sugar daddies is done and findings are reflected in each profile. Thirdly, sugar babies who wish to go into real dating with their sugar daddies are given the opportunity. Similarly, they’re provided with the best services.

Would you like sending flirty messages or you just want to create private and public albums for videos and pictures? This and many more are the perks EstablishedMen has got to offer. Unlike some sugar dating sites where you hardly find numerous active sugar daddies/babies to mingle with, this site boasts lots of active users.


SugarDaddyMeet is an exclusive dating app. Not only is it a cost-inclusive app, it is also exclusive to people residing in the 20 most developed countries.

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You can imagine the caliber of great men on the app. SugarDaddyMeet may not be considered a hotspot of average sugar daddies as most clients on the app are rich and famous. They are also willing to spend on their sugar babies.

If you are a prospective sugar baby living in one of those 20 most developed countries, you should count yourself lucky as you’re likely to receive money from your sugar daddy even without meeting him physically.



Are There Truly Dating Sites/Apps with Sugar Daddies That Send Money without Meeting?

Yes, there are. And that’s why we’ve come up with this post that discusses the top 10 apps where you can find sugar daddies that send money without wanting to meet you (for sex or so).

Are Such Apps Free?

Yes, but not all. In fact, some of the apps are better enjoyed by users who have subscribed to the premium plans. With some of these sugar dating apps, you really need to go “premium” before you can have access to all of the apps’ features.

Is It Difficult to Find Sugar Daddies That Pay without Willing to Meet One Physically?

For the most part, we’d say yes, but if you know your way around some of the sugar dating apps in this post, you’ll most likely find a sugar daddy willing to send you money without meeting you.



For the fact that there are many fraudulent or deceptive dating sites out there, you could get frustrated while looking for the right sugar dating app/site. However, we’re quite hopeful that the sugar dating apps in this post are the ideal places to kick-start your hunt for sugar daddies that send money without the willingness to meet you physically.



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