If armed with the right information, you’ll likely realize that sponsoring a visa for your friend’s or relation’s migration to the United States isn’t as difficult as you may have thought. 

Whether it’s for a friend yet to travel to the U.S. or a relation already living there, visa sponsorship is really a great way you can help somebody migrate legitimately to the US or fully legalize their stay in the country. 

About Texas Health Resources

Texas Health Resources (THR) is a Texas-based non-profit outfit that renders assistance to Texans. While the outfit is particularly targeted at low-income Texans, it provides them with healthcare and support services. 

It is a great “support” resource for eligible Texans and in fact, it’s one of the highly recommended resources for somebody seeking visa sponsorship for their Texas-based relative. 


In simple terms, THR is one of the best resources offering visa-related support especially to residents of Texas, people working in Texas or those willing to live and work there. 

THR Visa Sponsorship

THR is one of the support organizations you can look to for assistance on visa applications. The organization can not only furnish you with visa application guidance but also help your friend or relation get a sponsor. 

With THR, you have a real shot at free visa application guidance. To get such cost-free assistance, you simply have to visit the organization’s Dallas headquarters. Free visa application assistance takes place at the said location from 9 a.m. on Tuesdays. 

About H-1B Sponsorship

H-1B visa sponsorship is a form of visa intended to sponsor somebody’s temporary U.S. stay. Courtesy of H-1B sponsorship, you can sponsor your foreign friend/relative who’s willing to move to the U.S. usually on a temporary work basis. H-1B visas can be used in sponsoring foreigners who’re required for temporary employment in tourism, agriculture, or specific job sectors. 


The H-1B visa is a great way to help your foreign relative/friend temporarily migrate to Texas for work purposes. In the long run, you could also play a part in the process that qualifies that foreigner for U.S. citizenship provided they’ve already landed a legitimate job and built a circle of American friends. 

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With that said, H-1B visas are markedly beneficial in the sense that they don’t require you to incur any visa application fees over the foreigner you’re sponsoring. There’s no denying that the H-1B visa is a proven way to sponsor your foreign relative/friend who’s willing to move to Texas for work or residency on a temporary basis. 

What to Consider When Looking for a Company to Sponsor Your Visa

400;”>Visa sponsorship might seem like a difficult process to execute, but if you approach the right company for your visa sponsorship, you’d save yourself a whole lot of worries. Since a visa is officially regarded as a document that qualifies a foreigner for immigration purposes –including travel, entry and residency –it can’t be gainsaid that you need to figure out the best company for your visa sponsorship. 

The kinds of visas offered should always be included in your checklist of considerations when choosing the company for your visa sponsorship. Visas come in types, and some of the common ones include tourist visa, employment visa, student visa, and business visa. 


Ensure you find out whether your preferred company (for visa sponsorship) offers the ideal visa type for your immigration needs. Another major consideration is the pricing policy maintained by the company. There might be companies that wouldn’t charge any fee while helping to sponsor your visa, but you still need to find out if your preferred company has a fee. Try to also compare the fee to those of competitors in order to know if it seems reasonable. 

How about Collective Health Organizations (CHOs) –Do They Sponsor Visas?

400;”>Visa sponsorship doesn’t constitute the primary rights of collective health organizations (CHOs). While this ordinarily means that CHOs cannot sponsor visas, there however exist sponsoring CHOs who can –through the CHO Collective Health Sponsorship Program –obtain visa exemptions for foreign nationals. Notably, this can be done only with the condition that such foreign nationals are the organizations’ members in dire need of medical assistance that could save them from serious illness or death. 

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The visa exemption that allows CHOs to sponsor visas for their foreign members is actually something a given CHO must have qualified for. One great way to qualify for this exemption is for the CHO to tender cogent evidence indicating its ability to provide the concerned members with the required medical assistance. 

Moreover, a CHO is expected to have fulfilled some conditions before they can be deemed qualified for the CHO Collective Health Sponsorship Program. On the one hand, there’s the condition that government grants or contracts must make up nothing less than 50% of the CHO’s funding. The CHO, on the other hand, must have fulfilled the condition of having been operating for three years or more. 

The website of the Department of State provides information about the Collective Health Sponsorship Program. You may head to the website to learn more about the program as well as find out how a CHO can apply for it. 


Frequently Asked Questions about THR and Visa Sponsorship 

Does THR Provide Visa Application Assistance?

Yes, the Texas Health Resources renders free-to-access visa application guidance. You may visit the organization’s Dallas headquarters where such guidance takes place from 9 a.m. on Tuesdays. 

Is It Possible to Get an H-1B Visa without Being Sponsored?

It’s very possible to get an H-1B visa despite not having a sponsor. In fact, you can get the sponsor-free H-1B visa through a number of ways. Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that being married to a U.S. citizen is your best bet. 

As a foreigner in a relationship with a U.S. citizen but not yet married to them, you’re considered eligible for the fiancée visa. This is just one of the ways you can get a visa when not yet married to a U.S. citizen. While it’s a pretty easy thing to go about, the only stumbling block is if you can’t convincingly prove that you’re in a “serious” relationship with the U.S. citizen. 

Is There Any Other Texas-based Organization That Sponsors Visa?

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Yes. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is another Texas-based organization that offers visa sponsorship. The organization particularly provides certain “special need” foreigners with visa sponsorship. These special need foreigners are described as “foreign nationals in need of medical care”. 

Such foreigners must have also fulfilled some conditions before they can be termed eligible for visa sponsorship by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. The conditions are as follows:

  • The foreigner isn’t under insurance; and if  they’re under insurance, medically necessary services aren’t included in their health insurance policy
  • Where they seem to have applied for coverage, the foreigner is scheduled for a doctor’s appointment within one month (i.e. 30 days) of applying for the coverage
  • The foreigner lives in any of the US’ 50 states, Puerto Rico, or the District of Columbia

How Much Does It Cost to Sponsor Somebody through H-1B?

The exact cost you’ll incur while sponsoring somebody via H-1B would depend on factors associated with your case. Generally however, it costs between $2,500 and $10,000 to sponsor somebody through H-1B. 



There are a good number of visa sponsorship resources for a foreigner who’s already living and/or working in Texas. You can also find the ideal visa sponsorship services if your goal is to immigrate to Texas (or another US state) probably on a temporary work basis. 

We implore you to look in the direction of Texas Health Resources (THR) for the visa sponsorship needs of your relation or friend who’s a resident of Texas. Fortunately, you can further count on THR for adequate visa application guidance. 


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