Sean (Taro Ono) Lennon is an American artiste who combines roles as a songwriter, singer and actor. He is the child of late John Lennon –a musical legend and co-founder of a musical band named “Beatles”.

Being a notable artiste, Sean Lennon is known to have struck musical partnerships with various bands, and particularly with his mother, Yoko Ono. Meanwhile, he is most famous for his solo works (albums) titled “Friendly Fire” and “Into the Sun”.

In this post, you’ll find out detailed information about Sean Lennon, including an insight into his musical career, his discography, family, career and net worth.

Quick Profile of Sean Lennon

Full Name Sean Taro Ono Lennon
Date of Birth 9th of October, 1975
Birthplace New York-Presbyterian Hospital, New York City, USA
Country of Origin United States
Family John Lennon (father); Yoko Ono (mother); Julian Lennon (brother)
Occupation Musician
Net Worth $200 million


Early Life and Educational Background

The birth of Sean Taro Ono Lennon came about on October 9, 1975 in New York, USA. Sean Lennon was born into the family of John Lennon (father) and Yoko Ono (mother). His exposure to music started at a very tender age, with the reason being that John Lennon (Sean Lennon’s father) belonged to the Beatles –a band specializing in rock music. John Lennon was particularly an eminent member of the rock band.

Sean Lennon’s education began in Tokyo where he was enrolled in pre-school. When Sean was 11-years-old, he was further schooled at Institute Le Rosey –a prominent Swiss boarding school.

Later on, Sean Lennon was further schooled in his birthplace (New York). Having finished his education at Dalton School and the private Ethical Culture Fieldston School, he proceeded to Columbia University but didn’t wait to finish his education therein. He’s said to have dropped out of Columbia University while in his second year.


Sean Lennon has enjoyed a successful musical career heavily influenced by the fact that his two parents are musical icons. Because Sean Lennon was going to tread the career path of his parents, it’s unsurprising that he marked his first appearance on the musical scene at a very tender age; Sean was just 5-years-old when he featured in his mother’s Season of Glass –a 1981 album.

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Growing up, Sean collaborated massively with his musician mother, Yoko Ono, with his vocals featuring in the latter’s songs. Aside from receiving production credit on some of his mother’s albums, Sean Lennon continued to strike musical collaborations with Yoko Ono into his teen years.

During his teens, Sean collaborated with Lenny Kravitz as a co-writer of the latter’s song titled “All I Ever Wanted”. The song was a part of Kravitz’s album titled “Mama Said” and released in 1991. Sean struck another partnership with Kravertz for the cover of “Give Peace a Chance”.

Sean further worked with his mother on the latter’s album titled “Rising”. He contributed to the album by forming the band that accompanied Yoko Ono. Named IMA, the band comprised Sean Lennon, Timo Ellis, and Sam Koppelman. Aside from maintaining a long-standing partnership with his musician mother, Sean Lennon partnered with the musical group “Butter 08”. He was in fact a vibrant member of Butter 08 to which he contributed not only as a guitarist, but also by providing vocals.

At a later time, talented Sean began to win the attention of various other groups. The Beatles is considered one of the bands and/or groups he signed contracts with. Although Sean happened to have started engaging actively in music years before, the talented musician didn’t release his first single until 1998 when he sent “Into the Sun” into the airwaves.

As a quick follow-up to his debut single “Into the Sun”, Sean’s EP titled “Half Horse, Half Musician” came out in 1999 and became a remarkable success.

It’s quite noteworthy that Sean Lennon, who began music at a young age and shot into limelight early enough, went out of limelight for a relatively short period. In 2009, Sean co-started a record label –named Chimera Music –with Charlotte (Sean’s girlfriend).

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Within his successful artistic career, Sean has not only delighted his fans with musical exploits, but also with film appearances. He has featured in several TV series and films including “Infinite Escher” (Sony’s 1990 short promo film), “A Master in Paris”, and “Moonwalker” (a 1998 film by Michael Jackson).

Personal Life

Sean Lennon is thought of as a peace-loving person whose passion for peace and love has rubbed off on his personal life. While he vastly believes in spreading love, Sean maintains a way of life that teaches one to stay real to one’s philosophy or belief irrespective of what others are saying.

Sean is also regarded as a kind person who has treated himself, those around him and his musical team with love.

What Is Sean Lennon’s Net Worth?

There’s no doubt that Sean Lennon is a successful musician, and this, of course, is why it is unsurprising that the British-American musician is worth $200 million.

This massive net worth of $200 million testifies that Sean Lennon is a fortunate artiste who has reeled in profits from musical sales. Aside from making money as a musician, Sean has real estate investments. The notable artiste is said to be the owner of a home in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. According to reports, the home is worth $9.5 million.


Sean Lennon has a good number of works to his name. On some occasions, he released solo albums and at other times, he worked with musical bands including Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, Plastic Ono Band (owned by his parents), Claypool Lennon Delirium, and Cibo Matto.

Here’s a detailed list of his works:

  • Works with Cibo Matto: Super Relax (1997); Stereo Type A (1999)
  • Works with Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band: Blueprint for a Sunrise (2001); Rising (1995); Take Me to the Land of Hell (2013); The Flaming Lips (2011) EP; Between My Head and the Sky (2009); Don’t Stop Me! EP (2009)
  • Works with Albert Hammond, Jr.: Como Te Llama? (2008); Yours to Keep (2006)
  • Works with Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger: Midnight Sun (2014); Acoustic Sessions (2010); Action Figure Party (Blue Thumb, 2001); With Greg Kurstin (as Action Figure Party); La Carotte Bleue (2011)
  • Sean Lennon’s Solo Albums: Half Horse, Half Musician (EP, 1999); Into the Sun (1998); Friendly Fire (2006)
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How Old Is Sean Lennon?

Sean Taro Ono Lennon was born on 9th of October, 1975. At the time of writing this post in 2022, the British-American musician was 46-years-old.

Who Is Sean Lennon’s Partner?

According to the little information we gathered about Sean Lennon’s love life, the British-American musician has a partner named Charlotte Kemp Muhl with whom he has been in a relationship since 2006.

Who’s Julian to Sean Lennon?

Julian is Sean Lennon’s older brother. His relationship with Sean seemingly goes beyond that of a mere brother. While Sean has, in fact, credited Julian as the reason why he (Sean) began playing music, Sean’s mother, Yoko Ono, regarded Julian as the biggest thing in their family.

Where Was Sean Lennon Born?

Sean Lennon’s birth took place at a health facility, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, in US’ New York City.


Sean Lennon is a British-American musician who has reaped massive success from treading the career path of his parents.

While he has also starred in several films, including Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (1998), Sean Lennon has undeniably carved out remarkable success for himself on the entertainment scene.



Sean Lennon Net Worth, Age, & Biography

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