How To Give A Tantric Lingam Massage (The Multiple-Orgasm Technique For Men)

How To Give A Tantric Lingam Massage

A lingam massage is a type of sensual or erotic massage that focuses on the male genitalia, specifically the penis. This practice has its roots in ancient tantric traditions and aims to promote relaxation, pleasure, and a deeper connection with one’s own body and energy. However, it’s essential to note that lingam massage is often misunderstood and should only be performed consensually by trained professionals in appropriate settings.

Nowadays, both men and women are openly looking to learn more about their sexuality, wishing to deepen and expand their orgasmic potential and level of intimacy. For men, exploring the Tantra Lingam Massage may be one option for gaining valuable answers, experiences, and insights.

tantra lingam massage shiva lingam
The shiva lingam, a symbolic representation of the sexual union between a man and a woman, is found frequently in Indian temples and other place of worship.

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis. It is a spiritual term denoting the male genitalia and it broadly represents fertility.

The lingam is worshipped in many esoteric cultures as the symbol of Shiva, the supreme being or ultimate God of Tantra and Yoga.


Tantra Lingam Massage is a practice which uses various techniques that activate the sexual energy and help a man to release blockages that may prohibit him from experiencing deep sexual pleasure, multiple orgasms, and the ability to channel and move his energy and that of his partner.

Through specific pressure points on the lingam, testicles, and perineum, a man can experience extraordinary spiritual and energetic effects.

Here’s what you need to know about lingam massage:

History and Origins:

Lingam massage is a part of tantric traditions, which emphasize the connection between physical and spiritual well-being. In tantric philosophy, the lingam (Sanskrit for “penis”) is seen as a symbol of masculine energy and potential. Lingam massage is intended to channel this energy positively.

Professional and Respectful Approach: If you’re interested in experiencing a lingam massage, it’s crucial to seek out trained and certified professionals who offer this service in a respectful and therapeutic manner. They should prioritize your comfort, boundaries, and consent throughout the session.


Setting and Environment: A proper lingam massage session is conducted in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. It often involves soft lighting, soothing music, and aromatic oils to enhance relaxation.

Consent and Communication: Clear communication and mutual consent are paramount in lingam massage. Before the session begins, the practitioner should discuss boundaries, preferences, and any concerns with the client.

Techniques: During a lingam massage, various techniques may be employed, including gentle stroking, kneading, and massaging of the genital area. The practitioner aims to create a sense of relaxation and pleasure, without focusing solely on sexual arousal.

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Breathing and Mindfulness: Lingam massage often incorporates breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques to help clients connect with their bodies and sensations on a deeper level.


Benefits: Advocates of lingam massage claim that it can have several potential benefits, including stress reduction, improved sexual function, increased self-awareness, and enhanced emotional well-being.

Privacy and Discretion: Privacy and discretion are of utmost importance in this practice. Sessions should remain confidential, and practitioners should prioritize their clients’ comfort and privacy.

Legal and Ethical Considerations: Lingam massage is subject to laws and regulations that vary by location. It’s essential to ensure that any practitioner offering this service complies with local laws and operates ethically.

Personal Choice: Ultimately, the decision to engage in a lingam massage is a personal one. It should be based on informed consent, a comfortable and professional environment, and a genuine desire to explore one’s own body and sensations.

Types of blockages in different parts of the body

Both men and women experience blockages at various levels of their beings. Such blockages differ between the genders in terms of nature, locality, and quality, but nevertheless, they are present and common in both men and women.

tantra lingam massage release blockages
Many men accumulate blockages at the level of the heart chakra. Through a powerful channeling of energy, Tantra Massage can remedy these blockages.

Blockages can manifest physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually in a man. However, their origin is always energetic. This means that the energy in a particular area or aspect of a man is disturbed long before it manifests as something more tangible and concrete in the physical body or as a psychosomatic imbalance.

Blockages can appear as common health problems, sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation or impotence, depression, excessive emotions, mental instability, lack of confidence, fear of intimacy, a blockage at the heart, insensitivity or oversensitivity, addiction to masturbation or porn, and others.

Tantra Massage and Tantra Lingam Massage, because they are energetically based and focused, provide the perfect therapy and solution for releasing and removing blockages. After all energy is unlimited and so is its healing potential. It is this energetic aspect that empowers Tantra Massage to touch a man on all levels of his being – physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally, sexually, and spiritually.

Doesn’t it make sense to use an energetic treatment to heal energetic disturbances and energetic deficiencies? Energy heals energy.

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This remarkable and spiritual approach to massage has become a necessity in modern times, helping today’s men achieve spiritual, emotional, and sexual evolution and revolution. The aim of Tantra Lingam Massage is to heal blockages, awaken inherent energy channels, channel the sexual energy in a particular way, and transform pleasure to a spiritual level in order to use it for a divine purpose.



The lingam: A pillar of power

The lingam is not only a physical organ for pleasure or procreation. It is a pillar – physically, energetically, and symbolically – of power as well as a storehouse of exceptional energy.

tantra lingam massage pillar of power
In Tantra the lingam is considered a pillar of power and an important organ with great energetic potential.

Tantra Lingam Massage serves a great purpose, primarily to reconnect men to their true Self, their true nature, and to reclaim their legacy and birthright as men. This far surpasses the common assumption and misconception that Tantra Lingam Massage is an erotic massage that culminates with a release and ejaculation. We assure you it goes much deeper than that IF the practice is rooted in true tantric principles and foundational knowledge.

Most men have either lost this sense of self and purpose or, due to a lack of proper education, are led to believe their power and masculinity are unwelcome and even offensive. Tantra rejects this view entirely.

Through precise and specific techniques, Tantra Lingam Massage helps a man to learn how to reconnect to this inherent, but oftentimes hidden, aspect of himself, to befriend and embrace his masculinity, and to develop the ability to control the lingam energy.

With time and regular practice of Tantra Lingam Massage, he can rebuild himself from the ground up and transform from the inside out. Eventually he comes to understand the core of who he really is and realizes that his true nature is interconnected with cosmic consciousness. He develops a genuine masculine spirit by unleashing latent qualities that already exist inside of him but were suppressed and perhaps cloaked in shame or embarrassment.

Contemporary and superficial masculinity

It is important to note that in Tantra the understanding and explanation of femininity and masculinity goes very deep into the esoteric and metaphysical realms. It far surpasses and exceeds our basic understanding of the genders, or typical superficial masculine and feminine qualities.

tantra lingam massage tantric masculinity vira
In Tantra authentic masculinity is the embodiment of the yang energy and is represented by principles such as stability, honor, emissivity, control and solidarity.

In Tantra masculinity and femininity are universal principles that exist in all of nature. Without the masculine AND the feminine, the yin AND the yang, the plus AND the minus, this reality would cease to exist. Both are essential to life.

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All living matter reflects a combination of both feminine and masculine principles. A woman embodies both the feminine aspect and the masculine aspect and the same goes for a man, who also embodies both masculine and feminine – as difficult as it may be to conceptualize.

Equally important to qualify is that when we say masculinity or the masculine potential, we are not referring to the contemporary view of masculinity that is depicted today. Aggressiveness, war-like attitudes, and signs of the “alpha male” typology – machismo, toughness, and emotional aloofness – are, in fact, not true signs of masculinity, but rather superficial imposters clouded by egotistical and self-indulgent tendencies.

In the tantric tradition, authentic masculinity is the embodiment of the yang energy, the energy of control and emissive force. Practically it manifests as focus, centeredness, solidity, decisiveness, detachment, and objectivity as well as the ability to internalize and interiorize at will and on command.

Additionally, a man sincerely rooted in veritable masculinity will act from a place of selflessness, spiritual responsibility, compassion, and altruism. Actions will be carried out for a noble greater good, not for any promise of fame, fortune, or ego gratification.

According to Tantra, true masculinity can only be reached by transcending the ego, not through inflation, and finding meaning and purpose in something greater than themselves.

In summary, lingam massage is a specific type of sensual massage rooted in tantric traditions. It should only be sought from trained professionals who prioritize consent, comfort, and respect. The practice aims to promote relaxation, pleasure, and a deeper connection with one’s own body and energy. If you are interested in experiencing lingam massage, it is essential to research reputable practitioners in your area and prioritize your own well-being and comfort throughout the process.

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