Canada Scholarships For Africans In 2023 –Everything You Need To Know


Everything You Need To KnowCanada has constantly prided itself as one of the best destinations for international students to advance their academic interests. Again and again, Canada’s colleges and universities have attracted a vast population of students from different countries of the world.

On the one hand, many Canadian academic institutions offer quality education and on the other hand, Canada is home to dozens of academic institutions with an impressive record of scholarships targeted at the educational development of international students.

With Canadian scholarships at their disposal, African students have a great shot at experiencing quality education and the fun-filled academic life that Canada offers. If you’re a less-privileged African student with Canada as your most preferred foreign destination for educational advancement, odds are that you want to know some of the leading Canadian scholarships for Africans.

What Are the Top Canada Scholarships for Africans in 2023?

Humber College Scholarships for International Students

Targeted at a total of 20 beneficiaries, Humber College’s scholarship for international students is widely available to new international students. Described as one of the leading Canada scholarships for Africans, this scholarship is a three-fold scholarship with varying duration.


Humber College Scholarships for International Students is open annually to Africans –and other foreigners –who are new students starting at Humber College in September, January, or May.


Algonquin College Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students

This scholarship is targeted at international students –inclusive of Africans –who are first-year post-secondary students. It is an attractive scholarship that rewards winners with as much as $3000. While the duration of the scholarship isn’t disclosed, the 30th of November, 2023 is stipulated as the application deadline.

This Algonquin College scholarship is targeted at over 30 beneficiaries (international students). But to qualify for it, an applicant must possess English language proficiency along with academic grades considered above average.

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University of British Columbia International Leader of Tomorrow (ILOT) Scholarships

This Canada scholarship for African students is specifically targeted at foreign students with records of excellent academic grades, leadership skills, and engagement in community service.

This ILOT scholarship also recognizes applicants’ demonstration of excellence in sports, performing arts, creative writing, debating, etc. Students fortunate to be awarded this scholarship will have their fees, tuition, and living costs covered. If the students go ahead to bag remarkable academic grades in their faculty, they can have this ILOT scholarship renewed for three more years of their BSc programs.

15th of November, 2023 is stipulated as the application deadline for this scholarship.


Knights of Columbus Scholarships

Although with purportedly strict eligibility requirements, this Knights of Columbus scholarship is one of the most attractive Canadian scholarships for Africans. Reportedly, Knights of Columbus is a fraternal and charity-oriented Catholic establishment that gives out annual scholarships worth almost one million dollars.

One of this scholarship’s strict requirements, however, is that for you to be a beneficiary, you must be a Knight or the son/daughter of any dead/living Knight.


MasterCard Foundation Scholarship at the University of Toronto for African Students

This scholarship is open to brilliant young African students as it aims to nurture the next generation of African leaders. Specifically, this MasterCard Foundation scholarship is interested in applicants’ demonstration of academic brilliance coupled with the potential to become leaders who can make a difference.

While this scholarship is slated to close, for the current year, on December 10, 2023, it is targeted at 67 beneficiaries (African students). Impressively, this scholarship will cater for the beneficiaries’ tuition along with the costs of textbooks, food, housing, travel, etc. Also, the duration of the scholarship spans a four-year period, making it a sufficient scholarship for beneficiaries’ BSc degree duration.

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International UBC Future Forests Fellowships

This scholarship awards up to $70,000 CAD to beneficiaries each year for a four-year period. Specifically, it is targeted at students with remarkable academic achievements in graduate studies, coupled with great leadership skills.

By and large, this scholarship is suitable for international students –including Africans –who are passionate about pursuing world-class doctoral education in Canada. The scholarship will further cater to some specific needs such as necessary expenses for the preparation and execution of research.


Dalhousie University Master and PhD Scholarship

Specifically targeted at students in need of funds for Master’s and Ph.D. programs, this scholarship is one of the best Canadian scholarships for Africans. Coming with an annual award of $30,000, the scholarship might just be the perfect opportunity for an African student to have their graduate studies adequately funded in Canada.

Most probably, this scholarship is a reflection of Dalhousie University’s commitment to promoting the academic success of graduate students.

PEO International Peace Scholarships for Women in 2023

This scholarship is a female-centered initiative open to African female students pursuing graduate and Ph.D. programs in any field of study. It is a great scholarship that offers international women the opportunity to pursue graduate programs in Canada and the United States.

Beneficiaries of this scholarship can receive up to $12,500. As a woman-centric initiative, this scholarship is regarded as an opportunity for women from other countries to pursue their higher education goals.


Lester B. Pearson Scholarship Program for International Students at the University of Toronto

This Canada scholarship is highly targeted at foreign students with a good deal of creativity and impressive academic achievements. For applicants to be deemed qualified for this scholarship, they are expected to have made impacts in school and community. What this may imply, in other words, is that this scholarship favors international students considered leaders in their schools.

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While this scholarship is given yearly, sponsors of the scholarship are interested in applicants’ potential to become positive contributors to the global community in the future. Targeted at a total of 37 beneficiaries (international students), this Lester B. Pearson scholarship spans a four-year duration for which the student’s tuition and costs of books will be covered. The scholarship will also cater to their full residence support and incidental fees.

The application deadline for this scholarship, for the current year, is the 15th of January, 2023.


Each of the listed scholarships is worth applying for. To find out the eligibility requirements, as well as more information, about your preferred Canada scholarship, do not hesitate to visit the online portal of the scholarship.

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