Best Steak Seasoning Recipe –Everything You Need to Know


Steaks are best enjoyed not only when grilled, but also when seasoned with the ideal blend of condiments before grilling.

Except you aren’t armed with the needed knowledge, steak seasoning shouldn’t prove to be a difficult task whatsoever. With the help of the steak seasoning recipe, we’re about to share in this post, you’ll easily learn the ropes of steak seasoning.

Without being a griller –or a barbecue chef –you can master the ideal combo of ingredients for excellently seasoning steaks. Especially when the goal is to harmoniously combine condiments in the proportion that allows for a deliciously seasoned steak, rest assured that our steak seasoning recipe is the ideal culinary guide for you.

Frankly, an excellent steak seasoning is distinguished as a dry rub composed of several ingredients (spices, herbs, etc.) that combine to give a delightful smell which rubs off on the taste of the seasoned steak after grilling.


What Are the Ingredients for Making This Steak Seasoning?

Gourmet Olde Canadian Steak Rub | Black Mountain Bison

You could be tempted into believing that pepper and salt are all you need to season your beef (precisely steak). While salt and pepper are actually needed for steak seasoning, they aren’t just enough to give the steak the mouthwatering flavour desired for it.

Undeniably, the best steak seasoning combines various condiments, with each of the condiments serving to impart a particular effect. When these condiments form a harmonious mixture, the result is a tantalizing –and nearly all-inclusive –seasoning for your steak.

With regard to our recipe, here are the ingredients for making the best steak seasoning:


Kosher salt

Dark brown sugar –This sugary element adds the right amount of sweetness

Dried oregano –This is admired for the extra tang of aroma it adds to your steak’s dry rub

Cayenne pepper


Onion powder

Smoked paprika

Dried cumin –Cumin is certain to add a hint of earthy flavour when included in your steak seasoning

Garlic powder –This combines with the onion powder to boost the aromatic appeal of the steak seasoning

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Ground black pepper

To keep the ingredients in the right proportion, here is what we recommend:

  • Garlic powder –one tablespoon
  • Dark brown sugar –two tablespoons
  • Smoked paprika –three tablespoons
  • Dried cumin –one teaspoon
  • Kosher salt –one tablespoon
  • Cayenne pepper –half a teaspoon
  • Dried oregano –two teaspoons
  • Onion powder –one tablespoon
  • Ground black pepper –two tablespoons

Making Your Steak Seasoning: Blending the Ingredients

To make a dry rub (for the seasoning of your steak beef), all you need to do is blend the recommended ingredients in the right proportion. Bring all of the ingredients together and scoop the right amount (of each ingredient) into a jar. Cover the jar tightly and shake (the jar) so that the ingredients form an even mixture.

Let the mixture remain in the jar for a long period –six months or more. Frankly, the steak rub you’ve made in this regard can be stored for about one year in a well-sealed jar or another airtight container. Meanwhile, storing the mixture for that long enables the flavours of the various ingredients to blend.

While the emerging steak seasoning is certain to give a great overall flavour, you shouldn’t consider it suitable for seasoning all kinds of steaks. We don’t recommend rubbing this seasoning into filet mignon or another kind of tender steak, but it is ideal for use on skirt steak, rib eyes and various other steaks that are rather hearty.

Customizing Your Steak Seasoning

The ingredients recommended in this post are suitable for making the dry rub for different varieties of steak. Even though we consider the ingredients the perfect blend of spices (and other condiments) for steak seasoning, you may think otherwise.

While we think our own mix of ingredients is the “best” for steak seasoning, you might not agree with us, and might prefer to have a customized dry rub instead. With regard to steak seasoning, our conception of “best” steak seasoning may appear subjective to you. This is just why we’d like to show you how to have a customized blend of ingredients for seasoning your steak.

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Below are some of the tips for customizing your steak seasoning:

  • If you aren’t craving spiciness, avoid adding cayenne to the ingredients
  • Dark brown sugar may not be considered a vital requirement, especially if you don’t fancy its characteristic sweetness. You may want to replace it with another sugar variety such as coconut sugar
  • Cumin gives your steak seasoning a spark of coarse (earthy) flavour but if you instead crave a citrus flavour in place of what cumin induces, consider substituting coriander for cumin
  • Some of the recommended ingredients readily add herbal tangs to the flavour of the steak seasoning. If you wish to enhance the overall herbal flavour, you may introduce about two teaspoons of dried parsley
  • As for the saltiness or pepperiness of the seasoning, we believe you can alter our recommended proportion, depending on how salty or peppery you want the seasoning to taste

Applying the Steak Seasoning

The right way of doing this ensures the steak is well seasoned before grilling or frying. This way, you’ll end up with a scrumptiously flavoured barbecue –the grilled steak.

Scoop out spoonfuls of the dry rub –the steak seasoning you prepared and stored for a long –and sprinkle on the steak to be grilled. Ensure each side of the steak is generously sprinkled with this rub.

After coating the steak with the dry rub, you can prepare to grill the steak. But for a better-flavoured steak (wherein the steak generously absorbs the rub), your best bet is to refrigerate it –perhaps overnight –before grilling. Place the seasoned steak in a container: cover the container and let it remain in the fridge overnight. By the time you’re bringing out the steak for grilling the next day, the rub (steak seasoning) will have permeated the steak, thereby allowing for a better-flavoured steak.

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What You Must Avoid While Collecting Ingredients for Steak Seasoning

Except you don’t want your seasoned steak to turn out good after grilling, there isn’t any need to stress that you must combine herbs and spices (and/or other condiments) that would induce a great flavour. While it’s important to pick the right ingredients (as specified earlier in this post), it’s much more important to avoid old condiments.

Although individual herbs tend to have their own shelf life, new dried spices and/or herbs can last more than one year. Try whatever means within your capacity to ensure every condiment (herb, spice, etc.) you’re collecting for your steak seasoning is the newly dried one. We suppose you know the typical (strong) smell of the individual condiment. So, when a particular condiment doesn’t give off the usual pungent smell typifying its newly dried state, your guess about the condiment being some old stuff might be right.

By using old herbs and spices instead of the newer ones, you’re more than likely to have a weakly flavoured steak.


There’s no denying that several ingredients make up the perfect blend of spices, herbs (and other condiments) for steak seasoning. With what we’ve walked you through so far, we’re pretty sure that you too can create a homemade steak seasoning that’s simply the ideal beef rub for seasoning steaks.

Now, it’s up to you to put what you have learnt into practice.

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