Baked Beef Back Ribs Recipe –the Simplest Recipe For Making Baked Beef Back Ribs

Steps for Making Baked Beef Back Ribs


If you crave a barbecue-like dish that gives the flavour of well-seasoned and caramelized meat, trying oven-baked beef back ribs might be your best bet.

When prepared with the right ingredients and according to the perfect recipe, beef back ribs could turn out as an amazing, juicy and well-flavoured dish. Helpfully, we’d walk you through the perfect blend of ingredients as well as the step-by-step culinary instructions for making baked beef back ribs.

What Are the Ingredients for Making Baked Beef Back Ribs?

Baked BBQ'd Beef Back Ribs Recipe

Whether bought as part of whole meaty food or obtained separately from a nearby slaughterhouse, beef back ribs remain the chief ingredient for making oven-baked beef back ribs. If you opt to buy from a grocery store, you may be lucky to find a couple of grocery stores with fresh supplies of beef back ribs.

If you must make an appetizing, tender and sumptuous dish from beef back ribs, here are the other ingredients you need to arm yourself with:

Oil spray –To bake really tasty beef back ribs, you need to keep adequate oil for sprinkling the beef back ribs. We recommend olive oil spray, courtesy of the delectable flavour of olive oil. But you may want to consider an alternative such as avocado oil

Hot pepper sauce –You probably want baked beef back ribs with an extra hint of appetizing flavour. This is one good reason to include hot pepper sauce in your list of ingredients

Spices –A good assortment of spices is needed for baking beef back ribs. Otherwise, you’re more than likely to end up with bland beef back ribs. To avoid blandness of any sort, our recipe recommends that your combo of spices should consist of onion powder, black pepper, garlic powder, smoked paprika and smoked salt

Cider vinegar –A condiment that works the magic of vinegar is needed in making baked beef back ribs. This is one good reason why we recommend apple cider vinegar. But if you can’t get that, white wine vinegar would be a good substitute

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To keep the ingredients in the right proportion, below is what we recommend for two racks of beef back ribs:

  • Hot pepper sauce –two tablespoons
  • Garlic powder –one teaspoon
  • Smoked salt –two teaspoons
  • Apple cider vinegar –half a cup
  • Onion powder –one teaspoon
  • Smoked paprika –two teaspoons
  • Black pepper –half a teaspoon
  • Olive oil spray

Steps for Making Baked Beef Back Ribs

  • Preheat your oven with its temperature set anywhere between 250(degrees)F and 350(degrees)F
  • Set down a sizable baking sheet (or baking tray) and keep aside a large cut of parchment paper (or aluminium foil). You should also keep a basting brush aside as you’ll need it during baking
  • If the beef back ribs feel cold probably because you’ve just brought them out of a freezer, defrost them by washing thoroughly under running water. Then pat them well till they become dry
  • If the beef ribs are still joined together around the (whole) rib rack, endeavour to chop them apart with a knife. You can as well cut off the membrane after having separated each of the beef ribs from the rack
  • Stack the beef ribs on the baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Blend all the needed spices (onion powder, black pepper, garlic powder, smoked paprika and smoked salt) and sprinkle on the beef ribs. Make sure each beef rib is well coated with spices. At the same time, sprinkle the beef ribs with olive oil. Then cover the beef ribs and let them bake for an hour with the temperature of the oven set to 250(degrees)F
  • While the baking is ongoing, bring the hot pepper sauce and the apple cider vinegar together and blend them in a bowl. Note that the mixture that forms from that will be needed for basting the beef back ribs. Note also that you’ll have to baste the baking beef ribs up to three times, meaning you won’t pour the entire mixture (blended apple cider vinegar and hot pepper sauce) at once
  • Once the beef back ribs have baked for an hour at 250(degrees)F, remove them from the oven. Then scoop out about one-third of the mixture (containing hot pepper sauce and apple cider) to baste the beef ribs with. For thorough basting, use the basting brush you kept aside earlier. Each time you baste, don’t forget to also rinse the brush in warm soapy water before basting again
  • Return the beef back ribs to the oven to continue baking. This time, you won’t have to cover the baking beef back ribs. Also, let them bake for up to three hours during which you should baste the beef ribs (with the remaining mixture) again twice. Note that we mentioned earlier that you’d have to baste the beef ribs three times using the mixture (of apple cider vinegar and hot pepper sauce)
  • By the time the recommended three-hour of second baking (at 250°F) elapses, the beef back ribs must have cooked well. These (baking) beef ribs are considered done when they feel tender and give a caramel-like outer texture. But if you feel like having very tender beef ribs, simply set the oven’s temperature to less than 200(degrees)F and leave them in it to warm for about 45 minutes. This would let you have caramelized and deliciously tender beef back ribs
  • After that, the deliciously tender baked beef ribs should be ready for serving
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Storing and Freezing Baked Beef Back Ribs

Your leftover baked beef back ribs can be stored in the fridge for up to four days or in the freezer for about three months. If you’re storing the leftovers in the fridge, ensure you completely wrap them in aluminium foil or a well-sealed container. If the container is airtight enough, it should preserve the baked beef back ribs for up to four days in the fridge.

If you wish to still store the baked beef ribs, we suggest that you remove them from the fridge after four days and reheat them in an oven (at over 200°F) before refrigerating again.

To store the leftover baked beef ribs in a freezer, get some sturdy aluminium foil and wrap it around the beef ribs before storing them in the freezer. If the foil doesn’t feel sturdy enough, double it before wrapping around the beef ribs. The freezer can help store the beef ribs for about three months, while still ensuring that they don’t lose flavour and juiciness.

Reheating Baked Beef Back Ribs

Reheating is a critical step in the practice of prolonging the storage life of baked beef back ribs. Some of the options for reheating the baked beef ribs are microwave and an oven. If you feel using a microwave for reheating can cause the beef ribs to begin drying, we recommend you reheat them in an oven with a temperature over 200(degrees)F. Don’t forget to wrap aluminium foil around the beef ribs before placing them in the oven for reheating.

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Remove the beef back ribs from the oven once they become hot.


We’re convinced that this recipe has armed you with all the culinary nitty-gritty for baking amazing and sumptuously seasoned beef back ribs.

If you aren’t sure about getting freshly supplied racks of beef back ribs from the nearest grocery store, we suggest you contact a butcher and demand they supply you with fresh beef back ribs. You can also get the butcher to cut the beef ribs off the rib racks.

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