10 Apps To Monitor Cheating Husbands

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You can have some personal reason(s) for spying on a partner you’ve constantly suspected of cheating. If your husband, for example, persistently portrays the typical habits of a womanizer, you’ll likely want to ascertain that he’s truly one before confronting him. How then do you gather evidence that your husband cheats?

Well, Android/iOS spy apps could be your best bet for monitoring a cheating spouse. This is because these apps work as phone tracker software that enables you to monitor the activities taking place on a tracked phone. This way, you can view your spouse’s phone activities such as incoming/outgoing calls, social media use, website visits, etc. directly from your own phone.

With the aid of a trusted spy app, you can save yourself from the awkward situation of wrongly accusing your husband of cheating. This is because the app has been designed to accurately track sensitive information (including phone call logs and social media chats) that should help you gather cogent evidence on what your (cheating) husband does with his phone.

Phone Tracker Apps –How Do They Work?

Always on the phone? Hiding the screen? Clues your partner is cheating
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Phone tracker apps work as software specially designed to track the GPS location of somebody. While the tracked individual could be a friend, relative, or spouse, the phone tracker app provides you with accurate details of their location. The app is able to accurately track the location by use of GPS tracking.

Moreover, you can count on the phone tracker app to furnish you with GPS notifications hinting that a friend, relative, spouse, etc. isn’t far away from you.


If you’re hell bent on monitoring your cheating husband, chances are that you’ll want to know the best way you can do that conveniently. With the proliferation of phone tracker software such as spy apps, there’s no denying that you can have a real shot at tracking your husband’s phone activities.

We’ve gathered information about the best spy apps out there and based on our verifiable findings, here are the top 10 apps for monitoring a cheating husband:


This is a spy app you can count on for real-time tracking of your husband’s phone. One of the app’s amazing capabilities is letting you take screenshots of what’s taking place on your spouse’s phone.

With uMobix, you’re only a few taps away from monitoring your spouse’s phone location, social media, web messenger activity, phone calls, and certain other phone activities. There are several beautiful sides to uMobix as a user of the spy app can rely on it for monitoring their spouse’s phone browser history, text messages, and even photo gallery.

Other things uMobix helps you monitor include your spouse’s history of visited places coupled with error-free real-time data of (incoming/outgoing) calls. Besides providing you with timestamps, uMobix enables you to track your husband’s SMS including received, sent, and deleted text messages.

Each of the spy apps in this post does have its downsides. In the case of uMobix, the first con is that the app’s basic plan doesn’t guarantee access to some of uMobix’s features. Secondly, every single subscription is restricted to one target phone. This means for every single uMobix subscription, you cannot track more than one target phone belonging to your spouse.


mSpy is one spy app with a whole lot of cool features and capabilities. The spy app makes it convenient to track the messages on your spouse (husband)’s phone. This means that with mSpy, you’ve got a real shot at monitoring your husband’s incoming and outgoing text messages.

Also, you can count on mSpy to track the GPS location of your husband’s smartphone. In fact, the user-oriented spy app, mSpy, can furnish you with updates about your spouse’s location. You’ll further enjoy the app’s cool targeting feature which updates you every five minutes about the activity taking place on your spouse’s phone.

mSpy packs a decent number of perks including helping you to track your hubby’s phone without exposing you as a spy. Simply put, you won’t have to bother about getting caught in the act of spying. Other cool perks of this app are the support for data encryption and protection, the presence of a live location tracking feature, and the app’s ability to operate in background mode.

Users of both Android and iOS devices can install and use mSpy on their spouses’ phones but the downside here is that the installation could appear awkward.

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Hoverwatch is simply one of the pretty spy apps you can count on for monitoring your cheating husband without him becoming aware. With the aid of Hoverwatch, you can save the information retrieved about the web activity of your spouse. This way, you’ll be able to keep a record of the websites visited by your cheating husband as well as his activities on such websites. All this is made possible because Hoverwatch is a pretty effective spy app.

Other things Hoverwatch lets you track on your spouse’s phone are messages, calls, and SMS. Interestingly, Hoverwatch supports geo tracking thereby making it possible for you to monitor where your husband is. You can also root your husband’s phone through Hoverwatch. You’ll likely need to have the target phone rooted as many of Hoverwatch’s features are available only on rooted phones.

Although Hoverwatch features a free trial version, you definitely need to choose one of its fee-inclusive plans if you must have a real shot at unrestricted access. Hoverwatch’s three pricing plans include the business plan (which costs $6 monthly for each phone targeted), the professional plan (which costs $9.99 monthly for each phone targeted), and the personal plan at a cost of $24.95 monthly for each targeted device.

The Hoverwatch is clearly worth spending some bucks on. One con of the spy app, however, is that for each of your spouse’s phones that you want to monitor, you need to access the phone physically.


One striking feature of this spy app is letting you use “geo-fences” by which you can set boundaries for your cheating husband without his awareness. How this works is that each time your spouse gets into, or out of, the boundaries, ClevGuard furnishes you with live alerts.

ClevGuard definitely brings an innovative dimension into your shot at monitoring your cheating husband’s phone activities. Things you can do with the app include recording phone calls taking place on the target device, capturing screenshots, and tracking the live GPS location of the device.

While ClevGuard supports iOS, Android, and Windows devices, the spying app further features multi-language support, 24/7 support, and provision of real-time data sync. To save you the risk of getting caught by your cheating husband while spying on him, ClevGuard provides you with stealth monitoring.

ClevGuard comes with three pricing plans notably the one-year plan (which costs $8.32 monthly), the three-month plan (which costs $16.65 monthly), and the one-month plan which costs $29.95.

Although ClevGuard supports iOS, the app’s iOS version doesn’t support remote control. Another snag about ClevGuard is that a user of the spy app cannot monitor more than one target phone at a time.


MobileSpy is one of the trusted spy apps for parents to keep tabs on what their kids are doing. Similarly, the app works pretty well in helping you track your husband’s phone activities.

MobileSpy will enable you to view your spouse’s social media including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Whether your hubby’s phone runs on iOS or Android, rest assured that MobileSpy can conveniently track videos, messages, pictures, and calls on the phone.

Some of the other capabilities of MobileSpy are real-time GPS location tracking and setting up schedules for restricting mobile phone usage. With the help of MobileSpy, you can hope to monitor each of your spouse’s phone activities.


FlexiSPY supports various devices/platforms –iPhone, Android, PC, and iPad –for the tracking of your spouse’s phone activities. This spy app works in such an awesome manner as it supports remote installation, and offers automatic remote updates and remote uninstallation of the app.

With FlexiSPY, you can flexibly spy on your cheating partner’s mobile phone, tablet, or computer. FlexiSPY has been designed in such an astonishing way that you can prevent the app from being uninstalled from your spouse’s phone by your spouse. This is in addition to the fact that you can install the spy app on your spouse’s phone remotely.

FlexiSPY is capable of helping you monitor your spouse’s log-on/off activity, sending remote commands to your spouse’s phone, and tracking the online activities taking place on the phone. To enjoy all of what FlexiSPY offers, you need to opt for one of the app’s three pricing plans namely the Extreme plan (which costs $199 monthly), the Premium plan (which costs $68 monthly), and the Lite plan which costs $29.95 monthly.

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The con of FlexiSPY, however, is that rooting (in Android) or jailbreak (in the case of iOS) is required on your spouse’s phone that you want the app to monitor.


SpyFone isn’t just an app for monitoring a cheating husband but also, you can count on it as a parental control tool for keeping your kids’ phone activities within a reasonable limit.

With SpyFone, you can conveniently track your spouse’s GPS location and monitor the kinds of phone calls taking place on their smartphone. You can further count on SpyFone for tracking your spouse’s social media –WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Specifically, SpyFone lets you view the messages your spouse sends or receives via such media.

With SpyFone capable of tracking almost anything on the target device, you should bank on the app to track the contacts on your husband’s phone as well as explore the phone’s file manager in order to access the files downloaded into it.

SpyFone is designed to work on Android and iOS device platforms and it should fulfill similar functionality on both platforms. As a form of parental control tool, SpyFone could be a parent’s option for keeping tabs on their kids’ phone activities thereby preventing the kids from using their phones indecently.

Unfortunately, SpyFone doesn’t boast positive customer reviews that could have boosted the rank of the spying software. If you think this is really a huge turn-off, we advise that you consider one of the other spy apps in this post.


iKeyMonitor alternatively focuses on parental control but it will serve you in no small measure if you opt to use it in monitoring your cheating spouse. While it supports both Android and iOS device platforms, iKeyMonitor is a reliable software tool for the optimum tracking of your spouse’s phone activities.

iKeyMonitor is capable of tracking WhatsApp messages, text messages, and other data on the target phone. You can also count on the spy app for capturing screenshots of photos, website visits, chat apps, and other files on your spouse’s phone. In spying on your spouse with iKeyMonitor, you can go as far as creating a backup for the contacts on your spouse’s phone. To keep you updated, iKeyMonitor sends you alerts in real-time about what is taking place on your spouse’s phone. This will likely give insight into what your husband does with his phone thereby helping you ascertain if he’s cheating on you or not.

As mentioned earlier, iKeyMonitor also focuses on parental control and as such, it could be a parent’s best bet to set up recording for their kids’ phone activities such as calls and website visits. Besides its ability to take screenshots and record keystrokes, iKeyMonitor can be used to prevent kids’ installation of certain iOS/Android games or apps.

iKeyMonitor supports all of Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms but the downside of the spy app is the associated fee it charges in the case of a refund. If you demand to get back your cash, you’ll have to pay an additional handling fee.


This is one of the easy-to-use spy apps for monitoring the phone activities of a cheating husband or boyfriend. It’s a user-friendly app that may also be used in monitoring the activities of business employees.

One of the exciting things about Spyera is the availability of an easy-to-navigate web control panel. The app is pretty easy to install and as a plus, it packs a great stealth mode that prevents you from getting noticed or detected by your cheating spouse.

Spyera is available to device users across Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS platforms. With that said, what you might like most about Spyera is that it doesn’t necessitate rooting the target phone.

In terms of pricing, Spyera comes with four plans notably the “for all devices” plan (which costs $479 annually), the Tablet plan (which costs $69 monthly), the Computer plan (which costs $49 monthly), and the Smart Phone plan (which costs $89 monthly).


Here’s another mobile spying app with amazing capability that allows for the tracking of almost all the activities taking place on your spouse’s phone. While pcTattletale supports both Android and iOS devices, the app offers a free trial version that you can use before subscribing to one of its fee-inclusive versions.


pcTattletale is a user-friendly app that allows you convenient access to the activities taking place on a target device. You can track such activities from your mobile phone or PC. With the help of pcTattletale, you can download recorded videos or watch the activities happening on the target phone. More generally, the spying app enables you to view the target phone’s emails, chats, social media, messages, and records of visited websites on your PC or smartphone.

With pcTattletale allowing for hassle-free recording of videos and phone calls for the target phone, it becomes a lot easier for you to keep a record of what your cheating husband is doing with his phone.

pcTattletale comes with three pricing plans namely Business (which costs $297 monthly), Family Plus (which costs $147 monthly), and Family (which costs $99 monthly). pcTattletale also offers a money-back option in case of dissatisfaction. The drawback here, however, is that you don’t get your money back immediately. You’ll instead have to wait for up to two months from the time of cancellation.

Commonly Asked Questions about Spying (Apps)


Do I Need Physical Contact with the Phone I want a Spy App to Track?

If you can’t get physical access to the target device (your spouse’s phone) at least once, it will be impossible (in most cases) to track the phone. Before you can actually monitor your spouse, it’s necessary to install your chosen spy app on their phone.

Although not in all cases, physical access to the target phone is necessary for you to monitor your spouse’s phone activities. Also in some cases, you’ll have to jailbreak (in the case of iOS) or root (in the case of Android) your spouse’s phone before you can actually use some of these spy apps on it.

Are There Free Spy Apps?

Our findings about spy apps do not reveal that there are trusted free-to-use spy apps. Most commonly, Android spy apps, inclusive of the ones discussed in this post, come with pricing plans. Such apps are expected to be paid for so that users can unlock their excellent features. Meanwhile, some of the spy apps in this post offer the free trial option, meaning that you can first use the apps at no cost before opting to subscribe to their pricing plans. Also with some of the apps, you have the privilege of getting back your money provided you’re dissatisfied.

Is It Safe to Use a Spy App?

We can’t assure you that all spy apps guarantee safety but all of the spy apps listed in this post are safe to use. The listed spy apps do not expose the targeted individual’s information wrongly. It is only you (targeting the individual’s phone) who can get such information. More specifically, some of the spy apps support the stealth mode of monitoring that prevents you from getting caught by the person you’re spying on.

Is There Any Legal Restriction on Use of Spy Apps?

Some countries or territories may have laws preventing you from installing spy apps on people’s phones without their consent. However, a parent doesn’t risk the possibility of legal action for installing a spy app on their kid’s phone. In this case, it may be understood that the purpose (of the app) is to serve as a parental control tool.

As for couples willing to know if it’s legal to monitor their partners through spy apps, we recommend that everyone should check if their local laws forbid or allow such.



We’ve not only listed the top 10 spy apps for monitoring a cheating spouse but also discussed the pros and cons of each spy app. Endeavor to acquaint yourself with the features, pros and cons of each app so that you can actually decide which of them fits perfectly into your needs, expectations or preference.




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